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IT в авиапромышленности станет одной из тем Авиационного IT форума России и СНГ-2016 IT in aviation industry one of the 3 conferences II international Aviation IT forum of Russia and the CIS in 2016, which will be held in Moscow on 7-9 December 2016.

9 December 2016, the Aviation IT forum Russia & CIS 2016 will be held the international conference of IT in the aviation industry.

The subject of discussion of the conference the most topical issues and trends in the field of information technologies applied in the aviation industry.

“Aviation IT forum of Russia and CIS 2016” a platform for the exchange of experiences and presentations of the latest IT solutions for the aviation industry with main focus on development of domestic companies, the adaptation of the leading international IT solutions on the market of Russia and CIS.

In total, the forum will include 3 international conference:

  • IT business of airlines;
  • IT is in the business of airports;
  • IT in the aviation industry.

One of the main goals of the Forum is the selection and presentation of available high-tech IT solutions for airlines, airports and the aviation industry.

During all the conferences of the forum will be held exhibition-presentation of domestic and foreign innovative IT products and solutions for airlines, airports and the aviation industry.

Forum focuses on chief designers, engineers, IT Directors and IT specialists of enterprises of the aviation industry, IT Directors, IT professionals, technical managers of airlines and airports; managers and representatives of companies-suppliers of specialized products and solutions, representatives of Federal bodies of state power.

The forum was organized by the Center for strategic development in civil aviation (CSR HA). General information partner: official organ of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, the newspaper “Transport of Russia”. To register to attend and make a presentation, and receive detailed information about the event on the website CSR HA www.aviacenter.org by telephone of the organizational Committee: +7(495) 225 99 57 (multichannel, EXT. 5) or email events@aviacenter.org.