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ОДК проводит в Гатчине мастерскую по "бережливым" технологиям для авиапромышленности United engine Corporation (part of state Corporation rostec), to successfully master the application of lean production techniques (lean-technologies) in their companies, holds on to the located in Gatchina (Leningrad region) JSC “218 aircraft repair plant” 11th workshop on corporate transformation of the production system (MPPS). The first such event was held on one of aircraft repair factories of ODK, the press service of the Corporation.

MPS is a special form of practical training of staff of the Corporation whose main task is the cultivation transformation leaders within the company who can unite a team and using advanced software solutions to solve specific production problems and problems in enterprises. Design solutions that are achieved through workshops conducted by UEC faculty, subsequently implemented in the factories after the approval of their leadership.

Launched in November 9 in Gatchina lean workshop attended by about 50 representatives of all enterprises of UEC. A distinctive feature of the event is the expanded participation of employees of aircraft repair plants of UEC, JSC “218 ARP”, JSC “712 ARZ” (Chelyabinsk), JSC “570 ARP” (Yeysk), JSC “AARZ” (Aramil). In addition, MPS representatives of other holdings, in particular, JSC “Ramenskoe instrument design Bureau” (comes in JSC “Concern radio-Electronic technologies”). For three days the team formed in the workshop participants in a competitive environment will seek solutions to the problems posed four projects (“cases”) that reflect the real problems which daily challenge for the staff of JSC “218 ARP”. Final project defense will be held on 11 November and its results will be selected the best design decision. Each “case” goes through a multi-tiered system of assessments by coaches and independent experts. The winners will receive certificates leading industries. This learning format was developed by the corporate University and the Department for development of production systems of UEC in 2012. From this point on PPS corporate workshops have become regular events.

“Statistics of the performance of projects opened in the previous MPS, the thoroughness with which he approached the preparation of their cases employees 218 ARZ, as well as direct involvement of managing Director and company management now make it possible to predict all made the problems in the allotted time will be resolved, says the head of the Department for production system development of JSC “UEC” Vladimir Chelpanov. – However, the main effect of the workshops are not direct parties to a unique experience which in the future will become successful managers. Today, the Corporation around 70 leaders of the PPP, and, from the date of delivery of the certificates, more than half of them got promoted and moved to senior management positions. Of course, most is while middle managers, but there are those graduates MPPS trusted to manage whole areas. We are talking about the formation and farming of reserve management Corporation, which on the shoulder ahead of us to implement strategic objectives and achieve their goals.”

Invited external experts on MPS are Deputy General Director for development of production systems JSC “machine-building plant “Armalit” Victor Elkin, Director of the “National management system”, Konstantin Novikov and the Deputy Director of an industrial complex for the organizational development of JSC “Ramenskoe instrument design Bureau” Dmitry Stupin.

Gatchina JSC “218 ARP” is one of the oldest aircraft repair enterprises of Russia, on 5 August this year celebrated its 75th anniversary. On the eve of celebration after the reconstruction was commissioned the number of production facilities — production and technological complex of repair and Assembly of engines of large dimension D-30F6, PS-90A-76, and a modern automated digital test bed to perform acceptance testing of the engines of the TV3-117 and VK-2500. JSC “218 ARP” currently performs overhaul of helicopter engines TV3-117 all modifications and TV2-117A (AG) engines Р95Ш and Р195 for attack aircraft su-25 and su-39, D-30F6 for the fighter-interceptor MiG-31. In addition, the plant shall repair the units teploreguliruth instrumentation and electrical for various types of aircraft engines. In addition to repairs of engines for combat aircraft, the company offers a full range of services in repair of engines for the needs of state aircraft and civilian airlines of Russia and foreign customers.