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Казанский вертолетный завод закончил девять месяцев с 883 млн рублей чистого убытка PJSC “Kazan helicopter plant” (LSC) in January-September 2016 was a net loss of over $ 883 million RUB compared to 10.5 billion RUB of net profit over the same period in 2015, writes Kommersant.

Revenue shrank by half to $ 18.1 billion rubles, the cost – by 24.5% to 10.4 bln rubles, Profit from sales fell by 3.7 times to 3.8 billion rubles. The result has been received 1 billion rubles. loss before taxation against a profit in the amount of RUB 13.4 billion a year earlier.

Previously CEO of KHP Vadim Ligay reported that revenue in 2016 is planned at the level of 32 billion (in 2015, it was 49.1 bn).

This year, LSC plans to sell about 70 helicopters (77 in 2015). In 2017, the portfolio of orders is expected in the same volume. Mr. Ligay said that in 2015 production plans KVZ has been adjusted, including in connection with the complication of the economic situation, sanctions and international political factors. Previously, the company annually produced about 100 helicopters. Vadim Ligai also predicted that the LSC within two years will restore the production volumes achieved earlier, including at the expense of civilian goods.

KVZ is a holding company “Helicopters of Russia” produces helicopters of Mi-8, Mi-17, light helicopters “Ansat”.