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A few simple ways to make the trip memorable

Jordan have to thank God nature gave her two seas and desert landscapes of stunning beauty, history, ancient monuments and world-class biblical sites. Among other advantages of the country – a simplified visa regime for Russian tourists, a short (about 4 hours) flight from Moscow, the diversity of leisure and small distances between landmarks.

Autumn, when the debilitating heat subsides, is one of the best seasons to visit the Kingdom’s Red sea from the Jordanian coast continues to warm and travel around the country become quite comfortable. Jordan is often called the Switzerland of the middle East. Indeed, unlike its neighbors, it is not only beautiful but also a very peaceful country with a stable political system, free from radicalism. Its authorities are doing everything to maintain the reputation of Jordan as a safe tourist destination. In the Kingdom, about 100 thousand cultural and historical sites, wonderful conditions for rest and, at least a few ways to make the journey there a memorable one.

1. Swim with shoals of colorful fish

Owned by the Jordan of the sea in the Gulf of Aqaba is small – only 27 km But its waters hide the pristine coral gardens of great beauty, where there are about 1,000 species of fish and often hosted dolphins and sea turtles. The majority of dive sites are easily accessible and snorkelers. King Abdullah II of Jordan, as they say, he is a big fan of such activities as the Royal diving club South of Aqaba city centre – the best and most prestigious of such institutions.

The flagships of the hospitality of the coast – five-star hotels of world famous chains. In most of them you can purchase a day pass giving access to the beach, pools, sports clubs and other hospitality infrastructure.

Королевство от моря до моря, или Пять причин приехать в Иорданию

2. Explore the fantastic Peter

If Jordan had nothing but Petra here still should’ve come. The ancient capital of the Nabataean shocking even experienced. Carved into the pink Sandstone rock town more than 2 thousand years ago was an important point on the caravan route of spice and incense. Then as now it leads to a single passage through a narrow gorge Sik. Its vertical walls almost touch overhead, before expanding in front of the grandiose panorama of Petra. Man-made miracle conceals many mysteries, and the veil of secrecy makes Peter even more attractive. Ways to navigate the ancient city as old as the world – on foot or on one of the options cloven-hoofed transport: a donkey, a camel or a horse cart.

Королевство от моря до моря, или Пять причин приехать в Иорданию

3. To go in search of biblical relics

Journey in Jordan is always a pilgrimage. Many biblical events took place on its territory, which is confirmed by modern archaeologists. From mount nebo Moses saw the Promised Land, to step on which he was not destined. Here the prophet died and was buried. On top of the mountain is the memorial Church of Moses, but the place of his burial remains unknown.

Just 7 km away lies the commercial city of Madaba (the biblical Medeba), which king David fought against the Moabites. She is known for early Christian churches and Byzantine mosaics, including the famous mosaic map of Palestine, established in the year 560. Thanks to this map, on a hill above the Dead sea, archaeologists discovered the cave of Lot, where he took refuge with his daughters after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. As the legend says, is similar to the human figure salt block next to the cave – Lot’s wife turned into a pillar for the fact that he violated the prohibition of the angel and looked back at the dying city. The ruins of Bab-ez-Dhra and Numeira in the valley of the Dead sea, most likely, those sinful Sodom and Gomorrah.

In a deep Wadi Zarqa main, a resort of Hammamat main, with natural hot springs, pools, waterfalls and a small but exquisite SPA centre. Two thousand years ago in the warm waters treated sciatica king Herod the Great. Near this wonderful place on top of the hill stood the Royal Palace, mageron. Its ruins are unimpressive, but the location is extremely romantic. Here it languished in prison, the prophet John the Baptist and danced with seven veils of Salome. And it is here that king Herod Antipas, in gratitude for the dance and presented the beautiful head of the prophet.

One of the most sacred Christian places – Bethany beyond the Jordan. After excavation of fierce debate, the historians agreed that this is the place, where he preached John the Baptist, Jesus was baptized and the Christ met his disciples. Here today built the churches of many Christian denominations. Many come to Jesus to receive the baptism in the Jordan.

Королевство от моря до моря, или Пять причин приехать в Иорданию

4. Walk in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia

Wadi Rum desert is one of the most beautiful in the world, where white sand alternates with red dunes and cliffs with the most incredible forms. World popularity it has received thanks to Lawrence of Arabia, who in his book “Seven pillars of wisdom” described his adventures, most of which occurred in Wadi Rum. Most tourists come here with organized tours for a day or half a day. In total there are about a hundred routes of varied length and complexity, on foot, on camels or by jeep. Those who are after a jeep Safari decide to stay in the desert, waiting for a camp, simple dinner and dancing of the Bedouins around the campfire.

Королевство от моря до моря, или Пять причин приехать в Иорданию

5. Relax in the SPA at the Dead sea

The dead sea is a miracle of nature and a unique place for rest and treatment. Bathing in extremely salty waters gives an unforgettable experience and eliminates many diseases. The air here is saturated with chloride salts of bromine, magnesium, potassium and calcium, and the highest on Earth the ozone layer prevents most dangerous spectrum of solar rays. This is a combination of natural and climatic factors are not present anywhere else in the world. The best way to discover this wonderful place is to stay at one of the local resort hotels, where you can pamper yourself with SPA treatments based on salts and mud from the Dead sea. They are not only enjoyable, but also very useful for health.

Королевство от моря до моря, или Пять причин приехать в Иорданию

Royal gift

The Ministry of tourism and antiquities of Jordan offers the country to use a single ticket Jordan Pass, which entitles you to visit more than 40 historic sites and attractions in Jordan, including the ancient cities of Petra and Jerash.
Jordan Pass not only allows you to save money on admission tickets, but not to waste time Queuing at the box office. Depending on how much time you plan to spend in Petra – one, two or three days, the cost of Jordan Pass is 99, 106 and 113 $.

More information about the single ticket is presented at the web site
www.jordanpass.jo. There you can buy Jordan Pass online. A single ticket is valid for use for 12 months after purchase, but its validity is limited to 14 days from the time you visit the first attraction. And another nice detail. When entering the country for longer than three days, the owner of Jordan Pass is exempt from paying the visa fee.

The official website of the Ministry of tourism of Jordan:

Королевство от моря до моря, или Пять причин приехать в Иорданию