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Юрист Аэрофлота рассказал о перечислении денег компании в Швейцарию The former head of the international Department of legal Department of JSC “Aeroflot” Nikolay Ostroumov during interrogation on the case of plunders in airline told about the agreement with the Swiss company Forus about using her accounts to transfer money, reports on Wednesday, the RAPS from the audience Savelovsky court of Moscow.

Today as a witness for the prosecution was questioned Ostroumov. He confirmed earlier given testimony regarding the circumstances of his work as an international lawyer “Aeroflot” in the middle of 1990-ies.

The lawyer said that at the request of senior officials in charge of the finances of the airline, signed a written opinion on the legality of the additions to the agreement between “Aeroflot” and Alitalia.

“According to the Supplement to the agreement intended Aeroflot funds under the settlement with Alitalia, which were sent to accounts located in the Swiss company Forus,” Ostroumov said.

The witness was not personally familiar with the main defendants in the criminal case the first Deputy Director of Aeroflot, Nikolay Glushkov and Boris Berezovsky. Ostroumov also explained that after the appointment of CEO Yevgeny Shaposhnikov, Aeroflot’s (in 1995) there were rumors about the arrival in the company of people of Berezovsky, and in the press there were publications on the subject.

Earlier media reported that the former Deputy Director General of Aeroflot Nikolai Glushkov, who is currently hiding from the investigation, was charged in absentia with committing fraud in especially large size. According to investigators, in the 1990-ies Glushkov entered into a criminal conspiracy with Boris Berezovsky and convinced the airline to take big money loans for rehabilitation of the company; subsequently the funds were stolen. The state estimates caused “to Aeroflot” the damage in 122,5 million USD, in 2010 the company was recognized as the injured party in the case.

The Swiss company Forus associated fraudulent withdrawal of funds from Aeroflot.