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Кредиторы согласились в два раза снизить цену на самолеты "Томск Авиа" Dutch auction for nine aircraft “Tomsk Avia”, which assumes a gradual reduction in rates to 50% of the initial value lots starts on November 16, reported Monday RIA Tomsk the competitive managing Director Tatyana Jur.

Earlier it was reported that for the first time five An-24 aircraft and four An-26 were put on pedagoogiline lots in June, their total cost was $ 147,8 million rubles. The second auction was launched in late August, the price was reduced by 10%. Both times to sell the aircraft failed due to the lack of buyers.

“Auction announced on 15 October. Applications will be accepted from November 16. Every five days of a decrease in selling price by 5%. And it will last till January 9 will gradually decrease the cost,” said the Agency interlocutor, adding that the decision on carrying out of auction with price decrease taken in conjunction with the creditors.

According to her, nine aircraft exhibited at the same price as on the second auction starting price of each aircraft from 6.2 million to $ 22.4 million rubles without VAT. The total cost of the cars more than 133 million rubles. The minimum price that can be sold to the planes 50% of the initial price stated in the auction. Jur said that if to sell the aircraft fails, the decision on their further fate will be taken by the creditors.

Earlier it was reported that in July 2015 the Federal air transport Agency revoked the certificate of the operator “Tomsk Avia”. In March the Arbitration court of Tomsk region has recognized the airline “Tomsk Avia” bankrupt, ruling to start bankruptcy proceedings for a period of six months. By April 2016, the total debt of the airline amounted to 608 million rubles.