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Benefits for flights

Gathered in the tourist or business trip, we are striving to reduce their expenses, including the purchase of tickets. Of course, you can buy tickets for cheap stocks. Some carriers set prices on new directions or to those areas which are at the end of the tourist season are not in demand.

But we should not forget the fact that there are benefits for the airline tickets. However, they do not apply to all categories of citizens. In addition, some trucking companies may establish additional feed-in tariffs depending on their pricing policy. Let’s try to find out in more detail in this issue.

Benefits for flights

Back in 2009 at the state level have been established preferential tariffs for air travel for the residents of the Far East. However, they apply only to domestic flights in the European part of Russia. Buy these tickets on flights not only to St. Petersburg or Moscow, but also to Yekaterinburg, Simferopol (for those who want to visit the Crimea).

Also, these tariffs are valid on flights to Novosibirsk. We are talking about direct flights, but the benefits for the Far East on flights operating on the route with a connection to the directions Stavropol and Krasnodar region.

Feed-in tariff means that the passenger will pay only 50% of the actual price of the ticket. But this rule is valid only from mid-May to early autumn, ie until mid-September. These benefits apply not to all categories of citizens, only for pensioners, young people under the age of 23 years old, disabled of the 1st group and persons accompanying them, as well as disabled children and adults who fly with them.

Other citizens can hope to buy air tickets for cheap stocks. Preferential rates supported by all the major carriers, including such companies as “Aeroflot”, “Transaero”, etc. Be sure to clarify this point before you buy tickets.

Social benefits or cheap air tickets on shares

Many major airlines regularly carry out actions, not only before the start of the season, but also for holidays. For example, the airline “Siberia” before the celebration of Victory Day always provides benefits for war veterans (often discount applies to one person who will be accompanied by a veteran).

The shares last more than one day, and usually within a month. So for those who want to use it, left enough time.