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"Луч" обеспечит независимость и безопасность российского сегмента МКС Multifunctional space system relaying “Ray” will in 2017 to ensure information safety and independence in maintenance of Russian segment of the International space station (ISS), said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the leadership of the company “Satellite system “Messenger”, reports RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister visited the company, where he was introduced to the functioning of the national system of space relay.

“Next year will be able to replace when servicing of the Russian segment of the international space station the American system TDRS, which will allow to obtain information independence and security, as well as to save budget funds of about $ 10 million a year”, — reported to company executives.

They also reported that during the launch of carrier rockets and upper stages manned and cargo spacecraft, as well as when launching a spacecraft of new generation “Federation”, “Ray”, there is no need to develop a ground-based technological tools and to place them outside the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as to accommodate watercraft in the waters of the world oceans.

Multifunctional space system relaying “Ray” allows you to maintain a steady and continuous relationship with the carrier rocket with the spacecraft throughout its trajectory. It includes the orbital constellation of spacecraft and ground infrastructure located on the territory of Russia, consists of three spacecraft — repeaters.

In addition, according to the management of the company “Satellite system “Messenger”, this system provides continuous two-way communication with low-orbit spacecraft, the Russian segment of the ISS and transmits telemetry data from launch vehicles and upper stages, and relaying data received from spacecraft remote sensing of the Earth.