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МАК продолжает анализ результатов работ по катастрофе А321 над Синаем In connection with the anniversary of the crash A321 EI-ETJ in Egypt, the interstate aviation Committee again expresses its sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims of this tragedy, the press service of the Committee.

Currently, in accordance with the international rules of investigation of aviation incidents (Annex 13 ICAO) investigation conducted by the authorities of the Arab Republic of Egypt with participation of specialists of the Interstate aviation Committee, France, Germany, Ireland, USA.

“Up to this point, the investigation Commission gathered and analyzed information about the crew, about the operation of the armed forces, the work of aircraft in the last and previous flights. From the participants of the investigation, the Egyptian authorities had transferred all the necessary information about the activities of the flight crew and the airline, the technical condition of the aircraft, the aircraft structure and engines. During the field phase of the investigation, the scheme was made of the variation of structural elements on the ground (kroki). In 2015, in Egypt, in Russia, in Germany and in France, studies were carried out of the fragments of the aircraft and onboard equipment having a non-volatile memory. In September 2016 in Cairo with the participation of experts of the POPPY, France, Germany, Ireland, the United States was made “kit” of fragments of aircraft design and engines,” said Mac.

The result of this work was defined the area of the beginning of the destruction of the aircraft in the air and the fact of high-energy dynamic effect on the aircraft skin in the direction of “inside-out” and “explosive decompression” in flight. Analysis of the results of the work performed continues. Selected fragments of the aircraft design in future studies.

Commission to investigate the Arab Republic of Egypt continues.