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Максим Соколов: Ввод допмер безопасности в аэропортах Египта не повлияет на цену путевок The introduction of additional security measures at airports in Egypt will not affect the cost of permits for Russian citizens. On Monday said the transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, reports TASS.

“Of course, the Egyptian airports will include charges for increased security measures for airlines. Airlines will provide these costs to tourism companies and tour companies include this in the cost of the entire travel package, including airfare. But given these many components of the final cost of the travel packages may not be changed, because they are in the Egyptian hotels are certain to offer in the initial phase, substantial discounts”, – said the Minister.

As Sokolov noted, the experience of restoration of flights to Turkey shows that the tourist flow increases “fast enough”. “Today we already have about the volume of air passengers in Turkey, which was before the closure of the air service,” he added.

After the largest in the history of Russian aviation disasters of the A321 aircraft in the skies over the Sinai Peninsula on October 31, 2015, which killed 224 people, many foreign airlines have stopped flights to Egypt. Russia suspended air flights to Egypt from 13 November 2015, the FSB has classified the incident as a crash a terrorist act.

After this tragedy, the Egyptian authorities have tightened security measures on air transport and airports of the country. In the event of restoration of air links with Russia, the flights are expected to be resumed first in the second terminal of the Cairo airport.