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МЧС закупит более 750 беспилотников до конца года EMERCOM of Russia until the end of the year purchased and put into service over 750 unmanned aerial vehicles, according to acting Director of the Department of aviation-rescue technologies and unmanned aviation of the Ministry of emergency Konstantin Moiseenko, reports RIA Novosti.

“Until the end of the year on arms of divisions of EMERCOM of Russia will go 650 multirotor drones type Phantom 3 Advanced with camera (Full HD image) and 107 unmanned aerial systems Arnega-DSTI with a video camera (Full HD image) and the imager” — said Moiseenko at the workshop in Simferopol, which discussed the further development of the aviation Ministry.

According to him, has already received the first batch of unmanned aerial multi-rotor systems of type Phantom 3 numbering 250 pieces.

“Carried out their tests, observations and revealed no violations,” — said Moiseenko. Incoming drones distributed across the divisions of EMERCOM of Russia. By the end of the year on equipping the MOE will be more than 1 thousand drones.

A year ago in all regions of Russia directed by the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov centres were established unmanned aerial aircraft. “This will allow for early detection of hotbeds of forest fires, threats and risks of emergencies, monitor the situation in real time and to model further development of the situation. Thanks to the use of drones could eliminate the human presence in the hazardous area and to minimize the cost of attracting additional financial resources”, — noted the head EMERCOM of Russia.