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Военные России, Сербии и Белоруссии на учениях захватили аэродром Russian, Belarusian and Serbian forces in the framework of the active phase of the exercises “Slavic brotherhood – 2016” seized the airfield, held conditional terrorists, said the commander of the Russian contingent in the exercises, the major-General Oleg Polguev. This writes TASS.

International tactical exercises “Slavic brotherhood 2016” pass 2 through November 15, near Belgrade, involving units of the armed forces of Russia, Belarus and Serbia.

“Today began the active phase of the exercise, special forces units of Russia, Belarus and Serbia, under the overall leadership of the Serbian side carry out tasks for the destruction of illegal armed groups. The first stage of the active phase involves the capture of the airfield to ensure the transfer of units,” said Polguev.

According to him, the Russian unit consisting of 32 people landed on managed parachutes “Arbalest-2” aircraft Il-76MD in the district of Kovin airfield and destroyed “terrorists” fire from silent weapons. “After servicemen of the Russian airborne troops landing from helicopters Mi-8/17 helicopters landed Serbian and Belarusian special forces, who fire in support of the Russian colleagues completed the capture of the airfield,” said Polguev.

On the other side of the landing area landed units of the Serbian special forces, after which they went on reconnaissance of the route, which will be further used for the nomination of the main forces.

After the capture of the airfield was parachuted the main forces of the three combat vehicles BMD-2, more than 40 Russian paratroopers parachute D-10 and 20 Belarusian military parachute D-6. After that, the personnel moved into the area of the polygon Orasac for further blocking and destroying illegal armed groups.