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Более 70 рейсов задержаны в аэропортах Москвы из-за непогоды The number of delayed flights in Moscow airports is growing, followed by freezing rain in the capital it’s cold. This writes Interfax.

According to “Yandex.Scoreboard” at the airport “Sheremetyevo” detained 47 flights, 72 – canceled, in “Domodedovo” detained 23 flight, 8 cancelled, another delayed flight in “Vnukovo”. On Friday morning, the number of detainees in the Moscow airports of flights does not exceed thirty. However, airfield services in the airports of the Moscow air zone have been translated into enhanced mode.

“In connection with a sharp cold snap to negative values followed by precipitation at the aerodrome may form ice that will degrade the adhesion coefficient of the chassis of the aircraft with the surface of runways and taxiways. Therefore, all harvesting equipment is given in the strengthened mode: airfields preemptively processed by reagents, the aircraft before takeoff – icing fluid”, – said a source in air traffic control services.