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Аэропорты Москвы работают в нормальном режиме в условиях непогоды Moscow airports operate according to schedule, despite the snow, said RIAMA on Tuesday, representatives of the air Harbor.

“The airport works in a regular mode”, – said the representative of the press service of the airport “Sheremetyevo”. The representative a press-services “Domodedovo” explained that the air Harbor can work in any weather. “The airport “Domodedovo” all-weather runs on schedule”, – said the Agency interlocutor. The airport “Vnukovo” works without delay.

As previously reported on the website “Meteonovosti”, cold weather without precipitation as well residents of Moscow and Moscow region on Tuesday, the air warms up to 1 degree. According to the representative of the center weather “Phobos”, the night of 1 November was the coldest in the Moscow region since the beginning the autumn of 2016. The capital met the beginning of the last autumn month the lowest temperature of the season.