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Загадочно пропавший рейс MH370 могла сбить ПВО секретной базы ЦРУ

The eighth of March 2014 from Kuala Lumpur at 00:42 local time flew flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines. Boeing 777-200ER, tail number 9M-MRO, production 2002 flying from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing (China), generously loaded with fuel: 49.1 tons of kerosene, which corresponds to a 7.5 hour flight. We offer to your attention a detailed study of the facts and versions of the crash of flight MH370 from the publication of “top Secret”.

For a flight on this route was required to 37.2 tons of kerosene and five and a half hours. On Board were 239 people: 12 crew members and 227 passengers (including 152 Chinese). Aircraft operated by two pilots – experienced captain and the young second pilot with little experience flying this type of aircraft.

The captain of the aircraft: a 53-year-old Malaysian Zahari Ahmad Shah with a touch 423,6 18 hours (for “Boeing-777” – 8 659,6 hours). He was one of the best in the airline. Married, three children, owner of two houses, three cars, multiple accounts and deposits. His life has clearly succeeded.

Co-pilot: the 27-year-old Malay Farik Abdul Hamid with a touch 813,7 in 2 hours, RAID on the Boeing 777 just 39.2 per hour. For him, this flight was the last exam of the captain was his examiner, and the Intern had to get a permit to perform flights on Boeing 777 aircraft. Pharika’s career at this point depended on the captain.

The weather was calm, there were no signs of trouble, but after 40 minutes of flight, at 01:19 captain last time out, leaving the Malaysian zone aviacontrol over the Gulf of Thailand. At 01:20 icon MH370 disappeared from Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese civilian radar, as the plane turned off communications and transponders exactly at the moment when the Malaysian radar has ceased to fly the plane, but Vietnamese have not yet started to track him. And the plane disappeared. Forever.

Simulations showed that the wreckage of the plane could not make it to the island of reunion in 16 months from the place of the alleged fall. Consequently, it fell to 2000-3000 km North-West.

After 5 days of searching found out that the military radars of Malaysia recorded (and recorded), as the plane immediately after turning off the connection, turned almost back and about the same height of 11 km, flew back. Accurate elevation profile along the trajectory of this flight is still classified, but authorities claimed that the Boeing was flying through Malaysia’s border with Thailand, cleverly adhering to the trajectory between the aircraft zones of control of Malaysia and Thailand so that in each zone radar operator found that an unidentified aircraft flying past their areas of responsibility. The West coast Boeing flew right over the base, the Malaysian air force Butterworth radar, operated by 4 operators. They are an unidentified aircraft did not react as the change of the other two military radar. To say that the Malaysian military made a mistake, it is, perhaps, too soft. Further, the liner passed over a million Penang, native to the captain.

The ship flew through the Malacca Strait in the sea to the North of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, which came from the area of the military radar base in 02:22.

Where Boeing flew on, not exactly known. But its control system (it can shut off the pilot) continued to send data on both engines to a satellite Imarsat-3 F1 over the center of the Indian ocean. The exchange of signals was going every hour, last ping was at 08:19 am. During this time, the missing plane has revealed that dispatchers twice tried to contact the pilots of the liner via satellite, but in the cockpit, no one on the call is not answered. Data about the delay of arrival of signals from the control system to a satellite allowed to determine the distance from the satellite to the liner for each of the signals turned out to be two arcs, which could be the liner. The top of the arc lie in populated areas – there is a liner kind not seen and not found, so that leaves only the bottom of the arc. The last of these arcs indicates the empty location in the southeastern part of the Indian ocean, thousands of 1-2 km from the shores of Australia, where the depth of from 2 to 6 km, powerful winds and currents. In addition to the results of the analysis of delay of signals received by the satellite Imarsat-3 F1, any evidence of flight of a Boeing in this corner of the ocean is not so far.

From 17 March, Australia began to operate a joint search in this empty place. Seven countries immediately sent to its ships and planes with the equipment. Search first drove 1000 km from the coast, which was allegedly underwater signals. 19 ships and a robot submarine prowled there, and about 20 aircraft by April 24, circled about 4.6 million square miles of ocean, spending 24 million liters of kerosene. Searching spent more than $ 40 million – the most expensive search operation. And the most useless. Then, specifying the place according to the companion, were all told to look to the West, 1800 km from Australia. In August 2014 started the second operation, South-West, which came to nothing and was worth 50 million dollars. Now the area of the alleged crash draw more to the southwest in the ocean, approximately 1500-1600 miles (2400-2600 miles) from Australia or even further.

This reminds of an anecdote, when looking for the keys not where they lost, and under the lamp. Because the area where he searched the debris, covered superadam JORN.

Over-the-horizon radar JORN (Jindalee Operational Radar Network) in Western Australia has a range of 3000 km, was built in 2003 and cost $ 1.5 billion. And the money is not wasted – in fact the modern radar replaced the network of conventional radars with a range of 300-400 km, which would have to be built along the entire coastline of Australia. As stated on the website of JORN, the radar operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covering Australia from the North and West, sometimes even with the launches of Chinese missiles opposite Taiwan.

But on the morning of 8 March 2014 that radar spotted as Australia allegedly flew a large airliner. By the way, flying only 200-300 km West of the Australian owned Cocos Islands – not coincidentally, these Islands usually do not draw on schemes with an estimated flight path MH370 – people may experience unnecessary questions. But many people questions still arise, and chief among them: what escape radar JORN and why his data didn’t help with the search for the missing airliner? And no one in the air force, the Ministry of defence, government of Australia did not respond to this question, not even commented on this topic. Despite requests from journalists, relatives of the victims, deputies… In response to a question from the press representative of the Ministry of defence of all times said: “No comment.” The Minister of defence of Malaysia also requested data from JORN, but the results of his request is not really been reported.

In July 2015 found part of the wing (flaperon), but not about Australia and reunion island in the West ocean.

The specialists studied the chip, compared the numbers on it and confirmed that the item is from the missing Boeing and she lay there for a few months. The map of ocean currents it is clear that once the chip here, the liner fell in the Indian ocean and not the South 35-40 degrees South latitude (otherwise the fragments would be carried to the East). Simulations showed that the debris could not so quickly to swim to the island of reunion from that part of the ocean, which was looking for a liner – brings out the wreckage of at least 18-24 months, and less than 16 months.

Consequently, the plane crashed elsewhere in the Indian ocean, two to three thousand kilometers North-West.

Загадочно пропавший рейс MH370 могла сбить ПВО секретной базы ЦРУ

The results of the investigation declared that the reason for the disappearance of the ship – hijacking. But by whom, where and why, is not said. While it is clear that the hijacker could only be captain: only he can conceive and execute such a complex plan.

Experts after a month of searching, wrote that only the captain could send the salon a second pilot (and he wouldn’t disobey), lock the door behind him in the cockpit. On time and quickly turn off communications and transponders, the gap from civilian radar. Located at an altitude of 11 km (or even up to a height of 13 km, as written in Newspapers), to stop air supply from compressors to depressurize the cabin (by opening special valves). The captain, breathing oxygen in his mask, could wait until the passengers and crew dying from lack of oxygen (oxygen system in the cabin works not longer than 15 minutes). Interesting coincidence, as reflected in the materials of the investigation: on March 7, just before departure, the cylinders separate pilot system is completely filled with oxygen (up to a pressure of 1800 psi), despite the fact that cylinders already filled on January 14, and March 7, pressure was still high (1120 psi, not the minimum allowed 310 psi). Replenished the supply of oxygen to pilots would be enough for 13 hours even at maximum height.

The captain was an interesting and expensive hobby, the continuation of his work: he gathered of the house a powerful computer simulator. Analysis of the program Microsoft Flight Simulator X in his home computer showed that the simulator had loaded the coordinates and model five airfields in the Indian ocean malé airport in the Maldives, a US base on the island of Diego Garcia and the three airfields of India and Sri Lanka – they were used by the captain for virtual training.

Загадочно пропавший рейс MH370 могла сбить ПВО секретной базы ЦРУ

The commander of the “Boeing 777-200 ER” Zahari Ahmad Shah had a motive to attack the us military base in the ocean

But February 3 the captain was removed from the computer records about these virtual flights, and later erased in an electronic diary their business plans, like not going to live…

Here it is necessary to remind that the Muslim pilots have precedents of suicide with the use of Airliners. So, 59-year-old Egyptian pilot Hamilton al-Battuti, October 31, 1999, with the words “the will of Allah!”, deliberately crashed airliner (flight MS990 Los Angeles – new York – Cairo) in the Atlantic ocean 100 km from the United States. He even inspired Osama bin Laden to hijack planes to the attacks of 11 September 2001 – after hearing about it, bin Laden asked, “Why didn’t he crash the plane on any building?”

In July 2016 in the press there were rumors (as usual, there is no official statements) that the FBI has on electronics, which asked for help the Malaysian investigators on March 19, 2014 was able (finally!) to recover deleted records training captain on the simulator. Single virtual route, surprised the investigators because it almost coincides with the proposed route of the ship after the hijacking. The trajectory of the virtual route starts in the same Metropolitan airport, passes over the Strait of Malacca, then turns around Sumatra and takes us directly South through the Indian ocean. Virtual flight by Australia, terminates at the South-East of the ocean, when the fuel comes to an end (to Antarctica the aircraft does not fly to Australia too). A virtual flight to nowhere, so much so that nobody noticed that what was the point of the captain. We want to assure that the purpose of the flight in both cases (virtual training and real flight flight MH370) was just a drop in an empty place.

The question arises: why an experienced pilot is a Muslim whose life, no doubt, failed suddenly decided to become a suicide bomber, coolly hijacks this plane, cleverly goes under the radar for a long time flying to the other side of the Earth, and then is split in the empty ocean?

Why not break on a target, a source of hatred for him and other Muslims?

There is a US base on the island of Diego Garcia, Chagos archipelago (a British colony). One of the five airfields loaded in the simulator!

The US has long used the base of Diego Garcia in the Indian ocean, where there is only us and British military (aboriginal deported to the island of Mauritius in the years 1967-1973). Used not only as base but also as a so-called black point, the CIA equivalent of Guantanamo. CIA scolds the world for these “black spots” where torture of suspected terrorists. Gradually, the CIA had to close down these secret prisons in Europe. And here is a convenient place inaccessible to curious citizens and any international commissions, the local people there, the military under oath and under censorship, it is convenient to deliver the prisoners from Arab countries. This base is applied in 2015 confirmed by Lawrence Wilkerson, former assistant Secretary of state, Colin Powell.

The Islamists knew about the prison (first published it was back in 2007), and they could choose base Diego Garcia the purpose of a suicide attack in the style of September 11. And they could not find this attack any better than captain named Zahari Ahmad Shah. Just needed to find a way to adjust the business, using his resentment?

And the resentment was his distant cousin, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, leader of people’s justice Party (People’s Justice Party, PKR), after years of persecution by the government, on 7 March, received a shameful period of 5 years for sodomy. On the court, and he was the captain, a devoted supporter of this Malaysian party. Moreover, the captain was a close friend of the Vice-President of the same party.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is not a fighter with a totalitarian regime in a purely Western sense. Rather, it is Islamist, changing his beliefs and membership in political parties, depending on the situation. While still a student, Anwar went into politics. From 1968 to 1971 he was President of the National Association of Muslim students Malaysia (PKPIM). In 1974 he became a founder and leader (until 1982) of the student organization “Young generation of Muslims in Malaysia” (ABIM) – romantic 1970s, although had to serve 20 months in prison for protesting.

Загадочно пропавший рейс MH370 могла сбить ПВО секретной базы ЦРУ

Anwar Ibrahim is one of the prominent opposition of Malaysia

Anwar noticed, since he’s a politician receiving money for political struggle from religious foundations in Saudi Arabia, it is widely known in 2010. He was a member of the Board of World Assembly of Muslim youth (World Assembly of Muslim Youth, WAMY), founded in 1972 in Saudi Arabia.

In 1982, he abruptly changed his political views and joined the ruling since 1957, the party UNMO (United Malays national organization), became a member of Parliament and moved quickly to the government. In 1983 he was appointed Minister of culture in 1984, became Minister of agriculture, and in 1986 the Minister of education. In 1990, he became Finance Minister and in 1993 and Deputy Prime Minister, but in 1998 fell out with Prime Minister Mohamad mahathera about exit strategies from the crisis, Anwar was the approach of the IMF. Then the whole career of Anwar went downhill, he was expelled from the party UNMO and started to chase. Life turned to him, clearly not face.

In 1998-1999 Anwar Ibrahim was convicted of corruption and sodomy, sentenced to 15 years. He had been severely beaten during interrogation in the police, then before it officially apologized to the police chief, who was forced to resign. International organizations have called the charges politically motivated. So, it may have been – such charges are usually indelibly shameful in an Islamic country, and to destroy any career, what is expected and the enemies of Anwar. But Anwar Ibrahim turned out to be die-hard fighter. In 2003, the Malaysian government changed. Allegations of corruption by Ibrahim were removed and a year later allegations of homosexual acts were also declared invalid, and he was released.

In 2008, new charges of sodomy were caused by the statement to the police about the rape assistant Anwar. Then Anwar hid in the Turkish Embassy, and from there was negotiating, and then came out and was arrested – this time the matter is complicated by the presence of physical evidence. In 2010 began a loud trial in this case (with a scandal until hearing about the love affair of a female Prosecutor from the state Prosecutor with victims of Anwar’s assistant), and ended with the release of the accused in 2012.

However, the Prosecutor wrote to appeal against the decision of the court, and in 2014, the scandalous, the court again recognized the Anwar guilty on 7 March 2014, and Reaffirming its decision on March 10 (after the mysterious disappearance of Boeing). While the elusive Anwar has again avoided jail, having time to file an appeal and he lived in freedom, sometimes leaving, even in the United States (November, 2014) in the UK. A new trial was scheduled for the end of October 2014 but it was postponed again.

In January 2015, Anwar was still out and insisted that the government is hiding information about the fate of flight MH370 and demanded that the government accurate real data from military radar – it is a fair requirement, and it is likely that they disregard on the part of the government. Only on 10 February 2015 the Supreme court of Malaysia confirmed the verdict of Anwar Ibrahim and sent him to jail. And March 16, 2015 the eldest daughter of Anwar, Nurul Izza was arrested by police for sedition after her speech in Parliament in defense of his father.

An interesting aspect of the life of Anwar Ibrahim: he is closely associated with the banned in Russia and in the Egyptian organization “Muslim brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun”). Anwar had dealings with their spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, known for his extremist statements about Syria and mandatory execution of apostates of Islam. In 1981 Anwar Ibrahim had helped the “Muslim brotherhood” to establish in the U.S. international Institute of Islamic thought (the International Institute for Islamic Thought, IIIT), and then was one of the Directors of the IIIT.

The Institute is located near the American capital, in the town of Herndon at the address 500 Grove Street. At the request of the former member of the Institute by the name Abdul-Rahman Muhammad, it was there in the 1990’s, coined the term “Islamophobia” by analogy with the term “homophobia” (interesting coincidence with the profile of the criminal prosecution of Anwar).

Institute IIIT is closely linked with the Islamic Foundation SAAR (dissolved in 2000 and replaced by the Safa trust Group), which is located nearby, also in the town of Herndon, and is also on-street Grove Street 555 (this is just opposite – another coincidence). The Fund came under the RAID of U.S. intelligence in 2002 during operation Green quest (Operation Green Quest). Foundation SAAR drew attention and became a suspect in:

  1. Money laundering and the financing of terrorism;
  2. Close ties with the so-called Golden chain of financiers of “al-Qaeda”, which included the founder of the SAAR, the Saudi banker and billionaire (7.7 billion dollars assessment 2011), the Patriarch Sulaiman Abdul Aziz al Rajhi;
  3. Working with the Foundation Benevolence International Foundation (aka Lajnat al-Birr al-Islamiah), founded in 1987 to Finance the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, and then regularly supplying finances al-Qaeda.

Us government service (customs and tax authorities to secret service and prosecutors) broke into the 14 offices of this Fund on 20 March 2002 and confiscated more than 500 boxes of documents and electronically uploading them in seven trucks. But nothing concrete in this pile of documents the secret service had no time to find and had to bring them back as leaders of the Muslim community in the US raised a fuss about the unfair persecution and came to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. But the surgery ruined not only these protests. The Department of homeland security and the FBI, deeply offended by the fact that other intelligence agencies conducted a RAID, without asking permission, did everything to punish jerks and to shut down operation Green quest.

The SAAR Foundation was never solved, and the Institute IIIT got off lightly, but was in the list of accused in the financing of extremism, according to the suit Nov 2002 from relatives of victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The leadership of the Institute IIIT, where Anwar was one of four Directors valued the contribution of spiritually close to Anwar Ibrahim. So high that the Institute was even caught in violation of the internal revenue code (was dishonestly filled in the column “relationship”) with international money transfer the same daughter of Anwar named Nurul Izza Anwar 92 $ 200 (supposedly in favor of Islamic Foundation, “al-Haramain”, 2004 banned worldwide). Anwar did not deny it and admitted his guilt, repented before tax: explained that he wanted the kids education to pay for.
The Institute does not forget its leader Anwar Ibrahim, constantly publishing laudatory articles about him on his website: the inclusion of Anwar in the hundred most important people in the world by Time magazine in 2008, the thoughts of Anwar on the outcome of the “Arab spring” in 2014.

These facts are little known, but they are more than enough thinking on the topic and didn’t want the captain Zachary to avenge his idol and a relative of Anwar Ibrahim by a repetition of the September 11 attacks, choosing an important target in the middle of the Indian ocean?

In addition, the captain Zachary called from a strange mobile number on the same day, March 7, after the trial of Anwar Ibrahim – the conversation lasted only two minutes. When you check the numbers, supposedly belonging to a woman, it turned out that with the recent purchase of the SIM card (in a phone shop in the capital) were provided false information – such a person just yet.

Загадочно пропавший рейс MH370 могла сбить ПВО секретной базы ЦРУ

US military base Diego Garcia

Collecting information on the captain of the missing airliner, I was involuntarily struck by his passion for his work and earned a long hard professionalism. Not only was he a pilot from God, he deliberately sharpened his talent in real and virtual flights. One can only wonder at the precision and genius of his action for deceit both civil and military radar. The idea of his maneuvers can be assessed by downloading a known flight path of flight MH370 over the Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia and the Strait of Malacca in the web service skyvector.com. In this service the detailed data necessary to fly the pilots of modern Airliners. These include the exact boundaries of flight information regions (FIR or FIR), on which captain Zachary cleverly held my route through Malaysia and Indonesia around, avoiding identification, and waypoints and Airways (for which he deduced the plane, to pretend to be an ordinary Board flying on the plan). What has not turned out the captain-thief at the end of the execution of his plan?

The hijacked Boeing could bring down the forces of the air defense base of Diego Garcia, which is really vigilantly served, unlike the Malaysian radar operators. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, no American officer would not believe any legend about the crash landing, told a pilot of a plane Muslim, which according to their official flight plan had been to fly to Beijing (instead of the center of the Indian ocean). Especially do not believe the officer of the most secret US base in the Indian ocean. Base which (in addition to the “black point” of the CIA) are often based strategic bombers fabulous prices, with the most powerful weapons in the world. Here captain Zahari Ahmad Shah would not help on any tricky legend, nor eloquence, nor his winning smile, nor even the art of the pilot.

To shoot down the plane could away from the island, and at the last moment, when suicidal attack base. If the captain trained on his simulator to land the plane and crash into a database structure, it is understandable why he erased the tapes of these workouts 3 February, a month before the theft: he was afraid that someone might find these entries and prevent its sophisticated plan. The plan of attack, which almost succeeded or failed on the way to the base (the plane could fall due to a crash before the attack or after consuming the fuel, not receiving permission to land), or was somehow disrupted military bases and the results and outcome of the case were obscured by a veil of secrecy.

The personnel of this base are not guilty – the military on Diego Garcia acted within its self. Any normal air defense officer would have done the same thing, despite the fact that the flight of the passenger – obviously the passengers would have died anyway from suicidal attack.

Hate more: the United States and other countries went on a Grand hiding the truth from the world, so as not to cause an open quarrel between the superpowers. We can only guess: how superpowers were able to resolve this “incident”, to whom and than offset the nasty losses. The fact that some secret negotiations at the top was can be checked by analyzing the frequent regular and special trips and meetings of leaders of the involved countries, especially Malaysia and USA.

Analysis can reveal and indirect compensation USA to China for the dead passengers, if you look at the changes in world politics, 2014, wider and closer. This story of the missing flight MH370 teaches old simple truth: it’s not something that we slip in ever-changing, but unconfirmed facts and vague official statement, what is important is what we are trying to hide.