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How to relax in the holidays with kids at home fabulous hero and will not return disappointed

Give your child a story for the New year – isn’t this the cherished dream of every “proper” parent? Domestic options a little new year’s trip to Santa Claus – best unusual adventure for parents with children. We have collected the main joys of this trip and analyzed all “narrow” places, so that tourists know what they should fear.

Родная сказка: Новый год в Великом Устюге у Деда Мороза

Who and why to go?

To go over the Christmas story. For a wonderful meeting and a real white snow. For a fabulous adventure. From a traveler must be child-preschooler or a younger student. What age to take such a voyage depends on the need for daytime sleep and the irritability of the child. However, the experience of such travel a lot and sometimes mothers with children four to five years. The optimum age is seven or eight years: and at tale believe, and the harsh Russian reality able to resist!

Родная сказка: Новый год в Великом Устюге у Деда Мороза

What to see: the Birthplace of Santa Claus

The main children’s attraction is the Birthplace of Santa Claus. Located 12 km from Veliky Ustyug. You can get there by tourist or public bus, and taxi. On the main Tower of a fabulous complex is written: “the control Center magic.” Here the wizard solidly waving children and adults, is photographed on the camera of a tourist and gives pre-paid credentials, and Christmas gifts. There’s nothing to be done: like in the movie “Magicians” – the magic for cash. And the case of the travel Agency and parents – this incident how to disguise. Terem Santa Claus large – 12 rooms. One with a telescope in order to look after children in the other – Yes, fur clothing for all occasions so close to Santa’s life, the third is the library… the Tour are fabulous helpers of the winter wizard.

Родная сказка: Новый год в Великом Устюге у Деда Мороза

To Chamber the Trail leads to tales, then you can go to the Glacier of Santa Claus with ice, wrap in a Zoo – to look at the reindeer and other animals, drink tea and look at the greenhouse plants in the Winter garden, to meet you in the Forge with the wizard. And, of course, to ride the roller coaster, take a ride on the reindeer or the stove emeli! At least three hours. But, going into cafes and souvenir shops, participating in master classes and gala performances, here you can happily spend an entire day. One problem: a large number of tourists and a tough schedule during peak dates.

What to see: the Great Ustyug

In Veliky Ustyug is also is where to go with children. In the city residence of father Frost will tell you how in Russia the tradition of celebrating the New year, shows the throne room, where you can spend a fabulous photo shoot, and then teach you how to make a Christmas souvenir.

Родная сказка: Новый год в Великом Устюге у Деда Мороза

At the Post office of Santa Claus you can not just order home a holiday card, but also look at the bags of letters to fantastic grandfather and find out what he was asking. Museum of Christmas toys is also open year-round, and in each room there’s a Christmas tree in a special style, for example: the late nineteenth century, pre-revolutionary years and the “cosmic” tree, toys on her – very often, rockets, satellites and astronauts… and the bonus is a fascinating story about how New year is celebrated in different countries of the world. This year in the city from 25 December to 15 January for the first time will be held a festive fair with rides, entertainment and a special program on Christmas night.

Родная сказка: Новый год в Великом Устюге у Деда Мороза

And before becoming national homeland of Ded Moroz, Veliky Ustyug deserve a separate excursion trips. Grandfather then settled only in 1999, and the Russians lived in the city already in the XIII century! Some temples only there remained 28. Among them – Cathedral court is a functioning Church – the temple of the Holy Order of Ustiug, the patron Saint of the city. In the Church of the ascension is now a Centre of ancient Russian art from ancient icons and wooden figures of saints (that was a tradition in the Russian North). As expected, there is in the city and the museums of nature (in a wing of the house merchant Usov), Ethnography, the history of the city… all its interactive programs and master classes. The highlight for mom – showroom “North mob” a local business masters which possess unique technique of blackening silver.

Родная сказка: Новый год в Великом Устюге у Деда Мороза

Where to stay?

According to official data of the tourist information centre of the Vologda region, tourists will have 41 accommodation for 3 200 seats. This includes motels nearby (for example, “bobrovnikovo village” 7 km from the city), and the location in the city: two three star hotel “Dvina” and “Christmas”, hotels and apartments unrated, Dorm colleges, as well as housing in the private sector – in the Great Ustyug many local residents who officially rent homes, apartments and rooms to tour agencies or individual travelers.

You can settle directly in the Birthplace – in the hotel or cottages, in December the price of double room (economy version) starts from 3 000 rubles, Junior Suite – 4 200, during the Christmas holidays the price increases by about half. Another option – don’t stop and come on the tourist train and after spending a whole day in the Birthplace of Santa Claus, in the evening to go back.

Where to eat?

In the city and in the Birthplace now open 43 places where you can eat, only 30 of them at any time may be closed for maintenance groups. Most popular in the city – café “Seating yard”. Dinner for three up to 1 500 rubles. But we must remember, in the Russian North lives leisurely, and therefore in cafe the service is slow. In the Birthplace in the season a full meal disorganized traveler easy – cafes and restaurants will be mainly to serve the tourist groups and those who live on site.

Родная сказка: Новый год в Великом Устюге у Деда Мороза

How to get there?

Boots would have helped. From Moscow to Veliky Ustyug almost a thousand kilometers. Almost a day by train for nearly three hours (with a stopover in Cherepovets) on the plane. In the heart of Veliky Ustyug train station is, but for ten years of regular passenger trains do not go there. Tourist mostly also stop in Kotlas, it tourists should take a taxi or bus – commuter and tourist, and this year the Railways during the Christmas holidays promises a single ticket for train–bus in the framework of multimodal transportation. And it is planned to run 22 specialized turboed. To travel from Kotlas about a half hour. Airport, by contrast, is 3 km from the centre of the city, only flying over there one company – “Severstal” on small planes, just for the Christmas holidays and not every day.

Родная сказка: Новый год в Великом Устюге у Деда Мороза

How much is it?

The issue price varies from request! Three day tour with meals on special train with entertainment from the animators, without departing from the coupe and discover the Birthplace and Veliky Ustyug (without overnight stay in the city) is from 8 000 rubles for one depending on dates. If the tourist decided to stay in the heart of the city, the price of the permit will be considered individually and depends on how many days the trip will last (usually two to four), where the tourist will be in the Birthplace or in the city (and some comfort) in the compartment or the reserved seat will travel up to Kotlas southern (train Moscow – Vorkuta and Moscow – Syktyvkar fare in one end of the reserved seat starts from 1 100 and 3 000 in the compartment). Taxi to Great Ustyug – from 1 200 rubles. A ticket to the Fiefdom in the new year holidays from 1 to 250 rubles, depending on the program. Add to this the cost of food, excursions, new year Banquet… Offers travel agencies usually start from 20 000 for two without regard to roads. Well, an independent trip to the Great Ustyug for the holidays is quite extreme: the possibility of accommodation, catering and leisure facilities in the town are limited. It is possible to deal with signs familiar to the older generation of the Soviet past: “no vacancy” and “Closed for private party”. But you decide!