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Новый противолодочный самолет США оснастят ракетами и торпедами By 2020, the Park-submarine aircraft, the US Navy will be completely replaced with new machines. Yesterday, 5 November, published fragments of the interview with the head of patrol and reconnaissance group of the U.S. Navy rear Admiral Kyle Kosada, who spoke about the possibilities of new aircraft. This writes the Military-industrial courier.

Today, the main anti-submarine aircraft of the US Navy is obsolete Lockheed P-3 Orion, was developed in 50-ies on the basis of passenger aircraft L-188 Electra. P-3 Orion is designed for patrolling, laying mines and buoys, and torpedoing enemy ships.

By the end of the decade all 154 “Orion”, the armament of the U.S. Navy, will be replaced with 108 Boeing P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft of new generation, created on the basis of the passenger liner Boeing 737800. The aircraft is equipped with onboard radar station AN/APS-137D(V)5 and electronic intelligence system AN/APY-10. Radar allows mapping of the location and the recognition of stationary surface targets and also to detect submarines located at periscope depth.

“P-8A Poseidon is designed to search for submarines and can very quickly come in the area of the potential location of enemy submarines. On external pylons can be placed Sidewinder missile of class “air-air” and anti-ship Harpoon. In the internal weapons bays are placed sonar buoys designed to detect submarines at great depths, free-fall and depth bombs and Mark 54 torpedoes. No other unit in the U.S. Navy does not possess such abilities,” said rear Admiral Cozad.

The Boeing P-8A Poseidon is more suited for long flights than their predecessors. In particular, the crew consisting of seven people, provided with comfortable workstations. “If you will shake, and your ears to noise from the roar of engines, your combat effectiveness will be minimal. Because the new aircraft much attention is paid to the comfort of the jobs of the crew,” added Cozad.

According to Cozad, the adoption of new aircraft into service is just the beginning of an ambitious program to prevent threats from the submarine fleet of the enemy. In particular, by 2020, when all ordered Boeing P-8A Poseidon will go into service, they will receive the software Minotaur, is able to automatically correlate data Maritime search radars and sensors of the electromagnetic spectrum, making it easier for crew handling a large array of information. In addition, the system Minotaur may share information with other aircraft and helicopters, thus creating a single information network of several aircraft.