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"ОПК" создала мощные СВЧ-компоненты для военной и гражданской электроники “United instrument manufacturing Corporation” (OPK, part of state Corporation rostec) completes the testing of powerful electronic microwave components that will replace foreign components in the aviation, aerospace and military equipment. About it reports a press-service of OPK.

“Ultra high frequency transistors made by modern gallium-nitride technology (GaN). They provide high power, durability of the instrument to cosmic radiation and other external influences, stable performance at temperatures from -60 °C to +125 °C. in addition, the use of such transistors in high frequency equipment for military and dual-use allows to significantly reduce the weight and size specifications. In the “OPK” development of microwave transistors conducts scientific research Institute of electronic equipment. The products are designed for use in aerospace equipment, complexes of radio communication, radar apparatus and equipment of electronic warfare (EW),” – said in the defense industry.

At the moment the development is fully completed, testing of the electronic components in the various equipment is in the final stage. According to preliminary estimates, the need for high-power microwave transistors using GaN technology, only in the domestic market is more than 100 thousand pieces a year.