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The optimal price of air tickets


The optimal price of air tickets.

To buy a ticket at the best price is enough to know the following points and nuances. The trip should be planned in advance, as the lowest fares air carriers are set at their purchase for 1 — 3 weeks prior to departure. Get almost free additional two days of the trip, you can plan it so that the length of stay at destination fall on Saturday and Sunday. To the tariff for the purchase of the ticket in both parties appeared low trip should be no longer than a month. In excess of this period there is a significant rise in the cost of the ticket. Than longer period before the trip you get a ticket, the more likely to buy it at the lowest tariff. The fact that most low prices first tickets sold, it is usually 8 — 10% of the total. If the tickets at the lowest rate ended at one agent and then the others they have not, since agents are booking a single system of air from the air carriers.

Airport tax and sales tax.

On the ticket price in addition to the tariff is significantly influenced by the so-called airport-fee, special fee, the amount of which depends strongly on the chosen route and can not change agents for the sale of tickets. At the same time, while the airport collection covers various routes including flights with transfers. That is, the cost of airport fee depends on how and where you are flying. This collection costs today in the amount of from 0 to 150 dollars. The tariff, while the airport and the fee of the ticket specified, but should bear in mind that when buying a ticket for cash in most cases, have to pay sales tax, and this is 5% of the total cost of the ticket. Once again we will remind, to redeem ticket at the cheapest rate possible only when it is still there in the presence of, respectively, to do it is as soon as possible. Late, the tariff on the same ticket will have other, much more expensive.

Reservations, purchasing the ticket and the length of stay.

Duration of stay minimum is the minimum number of those days, to be carried out at the destination. Further, the maximum length of stay, respectively, and the maximum number of days, in most cases it is not more than one month. Next, book at least …. This time (in days) before the flight during which you can book and, of course, to redeem the ticket. It should be borne in mind that there are rates for the air ticket which must necessarily be paid in its day of booking or within one day is absolutely no matter how far the date of departure. Period specified in the tariff is the time period in which the trip takes place. The cheapest fares are usually established by the airlines on tickets redeemable for days. Buying air ticket through the Internet only need to fill an online application form to indicate in its contacts (phone, email, etc.) and wait for a response from the selected operator. It is necessary to confirm the willingness to pay for a ticket. Will only choose the method of payment and receipt of the ticket.

About agent (operator) for the sale of tickets.

The agent (the operator) provides reservation services and ticket payment from more than five hundred of the world’s airlines, both Russian and foreign. Included in the top 10 leading booking agent, sale, delivery tickets, and is accredited by the TAP and IATA. Our statistics is fully nine out of ten of satisfied airline customer service provided. At agent (operator) You can buy tickets not only for airline price, but often also cheaper, as there is no excess of agency commissions and fees, particularly when booking. This includes flights, both foreign and Russian carriers. The low cost airline at the agent (the operator) and is largely due to the special booking conditions that are his airline to work with him. This saves all airlines operating at the time of reservation and ticket purchase promotions and bonuses.