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Пассажира с незадекларированными $14,2 тыс. задержали в аэропорту "Внуково" благодаря служебной собаке A service dog named kitana marked the behavior of a passenger with undeclared 14.2 thousand dollars. at the airport “Vnukovo”, reported the press service of the customs of the capital airport, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

“Employees Vnukovo customs with the service dog detained a citizen of Kazakhstan, who was carrying a large shipment of currency. Passengers flying to the United Arab Emirates, flight to Dubai, having a currency that is subject to mandatory Declaration, proceeded through the “green corridor”. In the framework of the customs control service dog, breed German shepherd named kitana marked the behavior of a passenger of currency values. Subsequently, during the inspection the customs officers found $ 14.2 thousand. Billion, exceeding the permitted export amount, not subject to mandatory Declaration, 4.2 thousand dollars.”, – stated in the message.

It is clarified that in his explanation to the passenger explained that the money is not declared, because they do not know customs rules. On this fact the Protocol on an administrative offense under article 16.4 of the administrative code “failure to Declare or false Declaration of cash”.

“In March 2016 canine division Vnukovo customs used sniffer dogs to find currency. The average dog indicates the presence of cash from passengers five to 10 times per shift. With the help of Kitana identified six major arrests of foreign exchange values,” – are reported words of the head of the canine Department Andrei Lantana.