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Пассажиры выбрали имена героев детского бортового журнала Аэрофлота Aeroflot has summed up the results of a large-scale crowdsourcing project on the choice of names for the characters of the children’s in-flight magazine “Aeroflot. Young traveler.” This reports the press service of the airline.

In the period from 24 to 31 October 2016, the passengers could visit a specially crafted website and vote for the names of future leading characters of the rarest representatives of the far Eastern fauna.

According to the survey, which was attended by about three thousand people, the regular characters of the log will be named: the Pilot – the Amur tiger – Amur (37% of the votes); the Stewardess – the Amur leopard – LEU (34% votes).

“Aeroflot was chosen as the heroes of the journal “Aeroflot. Young traveler” Amur tiger and far Eastern leopard is not accidental. Thus, the airline expressed support for the efforts to rescue from the brink of extinction animals. The Amur leopard is the rarest representative of the big cat in the world. Currently, the subspecies is critically endangered in the Red data book of the Russian Federation and red list of the International Union for conservation of nature. In the world there are more than 80 species, most of which lives in Russia. The Amur tiger is one of the smallest tiger subspecies, the most Northern tiger. Also listed in the Red list of the International Union for conservation of nature and the Red book of the Russian Federation. There are a little over 520 individuals,” said Aeroflot.

In our country has made great efforts to save these rare animals. The study, protection and monitoring of tigers engaged in “the Centre “Amur tiger”, established by the Russian geographical society on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2013. Work to preserve the rarest big cat in the world leads to Autonomous non-commercial organization “far East leopards”. The organization was created in 2011 to coordinate and support all activities aimed at the preservation of this subspecies of cat. Chairman of the Supervisory Board is the special representative of the President of Russia on environmental issues, ecology and transport Sergey Borisovich Ivanov.

Aeroflot and its subsidiaries have rich experience in conducting information campaigns to attract public attention to the problem of preservation of the Amur tiger and far Eastern leopard. These images were used as part of the livery aircraft in Aeroflot Group.

“Aeroflot is widely practiced crowdsourcing modern technology to attract the creative forces of society to the solution of business problems. This technology tenders have been held and research aimed at finding new solutions to improve service of Aeroflot, including the identification of the most attractive options in-flight menu and design of the official website of the company”, – said the airline.