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"Пермские моторы": Опыт по внедрению системы Teamcenter востребован в России  November 10 within the Perm engineering and industrial forum JSC “UEC-Perm motors” held a conference “the benefits of using PLM and Siemens Teamcenter for design and technological preparation of production.” The participants were heads and specialists of engineering services companies NPO “Energomash” (Moscow), “NPP “Start” to them. A. I. Yaskina (Yekaterinburg), Perm companies “Reduktor-PM, proton-PM”, “Aviadvigatel”. It is reported by JSC “UEC-Perm motors”.

“Perm motors” are not lagging behind global industry leaders and successfully implement Teamcenter data management system of the lifecycle of a product (PLM). This means that all the engineering documentation, all drawings in the near future will be created and stored exclusively in electronic form, reconciliations, documentation accelerated significantly, and the workers in the shops in the manufacture of the part will be checked against the electronic geometric model of the terminal. Now all the data on the new engine fifth-generation PD-14, the serial production of which is mastered at “the Perm motors” fully maintained in Teamcenter.

“At the conference the project Manager Teamcenter JSC “UEC-Perm motors” Marina Trushnikova shared experience of the organization of the software implementation through project management. She said that in 2015, the company commissioned three major tasks: temporada design documentation and storage of results of calculations of mathematical modeling, design of technological equipment (tools, accessories, fixtures, molds, etc.). In experimental-industrial exploitation are also projects for the visualized technology engine Assembly, on the creation of interactive catalogs, maintenance documentation,” said the company.

The staff of the engineering data management “the Perm motors” have demonstrated, implemented on the basis of PLM and Siemens Teamcenter unified information space for the engineering service of JSC “ODK-PM”, and also presented the results of the work of technology centers to create end-to-end processes in Teamcenter and the use of common classifiers, operations, transitions, equipment, tooling, materials.

Marina Trushnikova, project Manager Teamcenter: “Those businesses that are still in the beginning to work in Teamcenter saw in practice the prospects and actual results. Every minute in our system is over 150. The travel time of the processes of technological elaboration of design documentation has been cut in half! The difference we felt. Leaders are easy to control performers on the reports from the system. Using advanced software, we do daily steps to create a digital production that will allow us to be competitive in the threshold of a new technological revolution”.