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Планы по развитию российских спутников наблюдения не пострадают от оптимизации расходов The development of a constellation of satellites observations is a priority for Roscosmos, said on Wednesday in St.-Petersburg Deputy General Director of state Corporation “Rosatom” Mikhail Khailov. This writes the RNS.

“The creation of groups of remote sensing of the Earth, its maintenance and development is one of the top priorities of our space activities. Therefore, even with the optimization of budget expenditures, which now goes, we try to group the current group and the immediate future do not suffer,” said Khailov on the sidelines of the 13th Plenary meeting of the Group on Earth observations (GEO-XIII) in the preparation of which was attended by Roshydromet and Roscosmos.

Today, the Russian orbital constellation of remote sensing consists of eight spacecraft, providing the necessary shooting modes in the visible and infrared ranges, including hyperspectral imagery: “Resource-P” №1, №2 and №3, “Canopus-B”, “Electro-L” №1, №2 and “meteor-M” №1 and №2.