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Польша раскритиковала российские экспертизы останков жертв катастрофы Ту-154 The Polish Prosecutor’s office explained his decision to exhume the bodies of the victims of the Smolensk plane crash on 10 April 2010 that the Russian side, in its opinion, is not of sufficient quality conducted an anatomical examination of the remains of those killed in the crash of the presidential Tu-154M. This was announced by General Prosecutor of the Republic in response to the request of the Polish Ombudsman that there are grounds for exhumations, reports TASS.

“The autopsy was performed without the observance of the highest standards,” – said the Prosecutor’s office. In particular, it is argued that the protocols inaccurately described the injury, there are conflicting descriptions of the bodies. “Prosecutors have concluded that a number of violations does not allow to recognize the Russian documentation full proof,” reads the letter signed by Deputy Prosecutor-General Marek Pesenka.

The Prosecutor also said that now the Prosecutor’s office formed an international group of experts in forensic medicine, which ensures that the exhumation and subsequent research will be conducted in compliance with the highest standards. According to him, the relatives of the victims will be provided a detailed explanation why the exhumation was necessary.

Earlier on Monday it became known that the Polish Ombudsman Adam Bodnar appealed to the Prosecutor General with the requirement to provide evidence of the need for exhumations of the remains of victims of the crash.

As previously reported, the Polish Prosecutor’s office plans to exhume the remains of all the victims, with the exception already undergone this procedure, as well as cremated bodies. According to Polish law, the exhumation can be carried out in the period between October 15 and April 15. As expected, the first such procedure may take place in the near future.

10 APR 2010 the official delegation of Poland headed by President Lech Kaczynski flew on the government plane Tu-154 in Katyn. In conditions of poor visibility and lack of visual contact with the ground, the pilot decided to land the aircraft. The plane few meters did not reach the landing strip airfield of Smolensk-North, faced first with trees and later with the earth. The disaster killed 96 people.

In the period between June 2011 and November 2012, the military Prosecutor’s office exhumed nine bodies. it Turned out that six of the dead were not buried under their own names. Currently in Poland the circumstances of the tragedy are being studied updated the Commission on the investigation of accidents, which is to review the results of the work of the former Commission was organized by the Ministry of defence of the country, as well as a new group of prosecutors operating in the General Prosecutor’s office.

A few months ago it was decided to exhume the bodies of all the victims of the Holocaust for the needs of the investigation. According to the Polish Prosecutor’s office, “comprehensive post-mortem examinations in the field of toxicology and DNA with the use of computed tomography will be important to determine the character of the victims of the injuries and cause of death, and stroke recovery disaster and its causes”. It is argued that this will help to test and the basic version of the investigation, “despite the fact that since the tragedy it’s been a few years.”

The opinion of relatives of the victims about the upcoming exhumation split up. Often relatives do not want to disturb the peace of the dead. Others insist, to check who they really are buried. The exhumation was supported by the leader of the ruling Polish party “Law and justice” (ZIS), a twin brother who died in the crash of President Lech Kaczynski, former Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski.