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Предполетные осмотры воздушных судов могут доверить беспилотникам Russian engineers are involved in the consortium to create drone, which can carry out pre-flight inspections of aircraft. This was in the framework of the international forum “Open innovations” said Yevgeny Belov, the General Director of consulting company AKKA technology Rus, reports RZD-Partner.

“It (the drone) isn’t able to do it completely, said E. Belov, but rides, looks. Should be held a range of challenging works, including the look-alike aircraft, which will allow this unit to operate at full capacity and thus reduce time to prepare aircraft for departure”.

In addition, the company participates in development of project using 3D visualization, when a person involved in maintenance or inspection of the aircraft wears special glasses and through them is seeking full interactivity in the study of aircraft before operating.