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Privacy Policy Aviaseller.su

Aviaseller.su strives with all means available to ensure the safety and openness use flight search service. Aviaseller.su hereby informs users what user information may be available to our site, as well as how to use the resulting Aviaseller.su information. 

Collection of Information

Aviaseller.su does not collect information aimed at identifying (determining) the specific individuals – ticket search engine users. However, in the operation of the site, and as a result of the actions of users on the use of its services, Aviaseller.su becomes available certain information about users, and a list of targets that use set out below.

The information provided directly by users

Aviaseller.su provides users with the ability to track the prices of airline tickets for the given directions by e-mail, as well as subscribe to the site. User-provided e-mail address is used exclusively for the site to provide information on prices for tickets and track the direction of the distribution. The user may at any time terminate the newsletter, using the appropriate link contained in all emails sent by the user subscription.

automatically receive information

Aviaseller.su automatically stores information sent by the user’s browser when you visit their site. This information includes the page request, the IP-address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of the page call. The information is used solely for reviewing and maintaining the quality of the technical work Aviaseller.su servers and automatically deleted after 30 days.

Cookie Files

Cookies – small text files that are typically stored on the user’s computer until the end of the session, ie, until the end of the browser, but in some cases, beyond.

When a user visits a website Aviaseller.su sends one or more of the cookie on the user’s computer or other device.

cookie files are used:

  • to simplify the use of the site and to improve the quality of services provided, for example, to save user settings, automatically fill in the monitored areas of air travel, as well as calendar search date;

  • for the account of the purchase of tickets by the user from the partner companies Aviaseller.su (airlines, agencies, reservation systems). After selecting a user interested in his ticket and clicking “Buy”, the site redirects it to Aviaseller.su partner site, which is being realized ticket reservations. Aviaseller.su not receiving user’s personal data, make a deal with a partner site – our service is only transmitted statistical data on the total number of booking and costs, which are used to determine the remuneration payable to Aviaseller.su;

  • to analyze advertising purposes.

    Use of Cookies and other instruments for promotional purposes

    The site Aviaseller.su used by third parties to track service usage statistics, information about conversions and other advertising campaigns. With the help of these services and tools Aviaseller.su does not collect data on specific users and uses only general statistics on attendance and the effectiveness of the site and of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Below is a list of additional third-party services that are used to Aviaseller.su, as well as links to the privacy policy of these services.

    Google Analytics and Adwords, Analytics Company Web service Google Inc. ( “Google”)

    Google Analytics – a free service from Google’s web analytics, which allows website owners to learn how users interact with their pages. Collecting information in it anonymously. To track visitor activities on the website with Google Analytics uses a cookie own files. They allow you to see if the user visits a web resource before, moved from the pages in it and how much time is spent there.

    Aviaseller.su uses Google Analytics remarketing feature. Remarketing with Google Analytics allows you to return the users who have previously visited the site, with the help of specially designed for their ads on other sites. For remarketing used a third-party cookie is from DoubleClick. With the help of the Google Display Network remarketing provided in products such as AdWords. For example, after visiting Aviaseller.su user decided to visit a travel blog, which is a party to AdWords. Using Google Analytics Remarketing it will be shown ads with a proposal to use the service search Aviaseller.su flight.

    Users can disable the use of the Google cookie file system, visit the cookie opt-out page.

    To change or disable the Google Analytics users can also take advantage of:

    • Google Ads Preferences Manager;

    • blocker Google Analytics.

      From the description of Google’s advertising services and documentation regarding their use can be found at http://www.google.ru/intl/ru/services/ , Google’s Privacy policy is published on the link.

      Other tools monitor usage statistics and integration into social networks

      • button +1

      • Services Yandex

      • The social plugin Facebook

      • VKontakte social plugin

      • Widget Twitter

        Block all of the above tools, including Google tools that you can install through plug-in (an extension) for Ghostery browser.

        Personal Information

        Your personal information, including e-mail address can not be transferred to third parties, affiliates and marketing contractors. This information may be used only with your consent to our company for marketing purposes.

        Changes to Privacy Policy

        Privacy Policy may change. All changes made to this document will be published on this page.

        If you have additional questions or concerns about the privacy policy the user has the opportunity to address with your request to the administration Aviaseller.su by e-mail: info@aviaseller.su