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Прокуратура выявила новые хищения при строительстве космодрома "Восточный" The military Prosecutor of Blagoveshchensk during the inspection had identified a new theft of 500 million rubles in the construction of the Eastern spaceport in the Amur region. It is reported by the Main military Prosecutor’s office.

“In Blagoveshchensk, the military Prosecutor of the garrison when checking it out that the head of one of the enterprises of the General contractor at Spetsstroy Russia in violation of the contractual relationship for the construction of a complex for processing construction waste at the cosmodrome “East” has transferred an advance payment to the contractor has not fulfilled obligations under previous payments, wrongfully increasing the advance up to 80%, which not only resulted in inefficient spending of budget funds in the amount of half a billion rubles, but the failure of the timing of construction of the mentioned object”, – stated in the message.
According to the materials of the military prosecutors, the unscrupulous executors of the state contracts prosecuted. Measures are taken to compensate state for damages.