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РКЦ "Прогресс" готов принять участие в разработке новой космической ракеты "Феникс" Space-rocket center “Progress” is ready to participate in the development of rocket of new generation “Phoenix”, which could potentially be used as part of the first stage super-heavy launch vehicle, said the General Director of the Rocket space centre “Progress” (Samara) Alexander Kirilin. This writes the RNS.

“The specialists of the RCC “Progress” is preparing necessary technical documents, in particular engineering note in order to participate in the research and development project “Phoenix”,” — said Kirilin.

According to him, development work on the development of missiles will begin in 2018.

Earlier it was reported that the state Corporation “Roscosmos” in 2018 will begin the creation of the carrier rocket of middle class “Phoenix”, which can be used in future as part of the first stage of heavy missiles. The completion of the ground experimental development of the key elements of the launch vehicle is planned for 2025. Funding up to 2025 will amount to more than 29 billion rubles.

The new missile will provide a launch into low orbit spacecraft weighing up to 17 tons into geostationary orbit — up to 2.5 tons. The customer of the carrier rocket acts of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

In March, the head of the state Corporation “Rosatom” Igor Komarov reported that work on the creation of a new missile can be accelerated. “We expect it (the missile “Phoenix”) to make up to 2025. But we see that life itself requires to accelerate this project,” — said Komarov.

In the history of Soviet space exploration such examples already were. So used to satellite launch rocket “Zenit” was created on the basis of the element of the first stage super-heavy launch vehicle “Energy”, which ensured the launch of the return of the ship “Buran”.