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РКЦ "Прогресс" отказывается от производства ракет "Союз-У" Production space rocket middle class “Soyuz-U” is completed after nearly 40 years of operation, said in an interview with RNS, the General Director of Rocket and space center “Progress” (Samara) Alexander Kirilin.

“As for rockets “Soyuz-U”, then left to launch two missiles of this modification. One will be launched in December 2016, the other in the first quarter of 2017. Boosters must deliver cargo spacecraft “Progress of MS” to the International space station. The rocket “Soyuz-U” of the operation is displayed and made more will not be”, – said Kirilin.

“Soyuz-U” – a three-stage booster of the middle class of the family of missiles “R-7” the development of Sergei Korolev. Designed to launch into orbit spacecraft for economic, research and special purposes, as well as manned and cargo spacecraft series “Soyuz” and “Progress”. The first launch of “Soyuz-U” was held on 18 may 1973.

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