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РКЦ "Прогресс"  не видит опасности ухудшения позиций на рынке пусковых услуг In the Rocket and space center “Progress” I do not see the danger of deterioration of the enterprise position on the market of launch services, said in an interview with RNS, the General Director of Rocket and space center “Progress” (Samara) Alexander Kirilin.

“Today there is no danger of deterioration of our position in the launch services market, but we understand that we must constantly work to reduce costs and to improve the reliability of production and operation of products,” — said Kirilin.

According to him, the rocket “Soyuz-2” performance is not inferior to their foreign counterparts from a technical point of view. “Samara space Rocket center is working hard to improve the efficiency of carrier rockets “Soyuz” in terms of reducing costs and lowering prices, or keeping prices at a certain level,” — said Kirilin.

He noted that the increase in the carrying capacity of the Soyuz rockets, as bearers of the middle class, not planned.

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