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Повторное изучение останков погибших в авиакатастрофе под Смоленском займет четыре дня Re-examination of the remains of those killed in the plane crash near Smolensk Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria will last at least four days, the exhumation will take place on 14 November, the re-burial is scheduled for November 18, reported Monday RIA Novosti citing Agency PAP.

The Polish Prosecutor’s office on 13 September announced the intention to exhume the remains of those victims that have not been previously exhumed. It was reported that the first will be exhumed Kaczynski, who is buried in Wawel castle in Krakow, the study of the remains will be held at the institution of forensic medicine, Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University. A new study of the remains will be conducted with the help of modern equipment, among other things, will conduct a new study of DNA, as well as take various tissue samples.

The procedure for the exhumation to be conducted with the assistance of the clergy, will be attended by representatives of Prosecutor’s office, as well as close relatives of Kaczynski. The castle will close at the time of the procedure. Re-burial would not be of an official nature and will be held in the presence only of relatives of the victims.

Earlier, the TV channel TVN24 with reference to informal sources reported that the exhumation of victims of the Smolensk catastrophe will be held to determine the possibility of explosion on Board the plane.

The plane Tu-154 of Polish President Lech Kaczynski in 2010, crashed during landing at the airport “Smolensk-North”. Onboard there were 96 persons: 88 passengers and eight crew members flying at the mourning events in Katyn. They all died.

The interstate aviation Committee in 2011 issued a final report on the results of technical investigation according to which the immediate cause of the accident is recognized as the crew’s decision not to leave on spare airdrome, and the system reasons — deficiencies in flight operations and crew training.

New Polish Commission which investigates circumstances of the accident near Smolensk, on the 15th of September presented the first results of their work. Experts said that the plane began to disintegrate in the air at 900 metres from the crash site, and registrars went missing last seconds of recordings.

The Commission allegedly failed to obtain access to the full versions of the records, which indicate that in the last seconds of flight the aircraft was rejected by the generator, the engine and the sensors read the height. The Minister of defence of Poland Anthony Macierewicz decided to declassify the documents related to the crash.