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Снижение цен: некоторые авиабилеты "Аэрофлота" стали дешевле в 6 раз

Photo: Jonathan Rankin

The airline “Aeroflot” has reformed its tariff system. Modernization was quite radical — the price of air tickets economy class “Optimum” Premium” has decreased in most cases 1.5-6 times. The changes are effective for tickets sold from 1 November.

For example, on the Moscow — St. Petersburg for its own flights of “Aeroflot” tariff group “Budget” still starts with a 3, 000, but the minimum price of the Optimum group fell from 6 500 to 4 000, groups, Premium, from 16 500 to 5 500 rubles. For flights subsidiary of the company “Russia” price tariff “Promo” remained at the level of 1 600 rubles, the cost of the rates “Budget” starts from 2 000 rubles instead of 3,000, tariffs, Optimum — with 2 500 to 6 500, tariffs Premium 3 500 instead of 16 500 rubles.

The high fare group has maintained its advantages in terms of exchange and return of tickets, baggage, mileage and the like. This allows, among other things, for a reasonable price and to book tickets, handed without penalty or with a small penalty, which greatly simplifies planning trips for which the passenger is still not clear. Still clients “Aeroflot” had to, or spend a lot of money to purchase return tickets or to postpone the purchase until full clarity with the trip, the risk that the tickets are much more expensive. However, the new system actually encourages passengers to spend a few more than before, for the best flight conditions.

On the route Moscow — Ekaterinburg the prices of the rates “Budget” still starts with 3 500 rubles, “Optimum” — is 4 500 11 500, “Premium” — with 6 instead of 26 000 500 rubles.

Flights Moscow — Sochi “Budget” remained at the level of 3 000, “Optimum” starts from 3 instead of 10 500 250, Premium — s is 4 500 26 500 rubles.

On the route Moscow – Novosibirsk disappeared rate Promo 6 500 rubles, however, the minimum price of “Budget” has fallen from 9 000 to 7 500 rubles, “Optimum”, from 16 500 to 8 000, “Premium” — from 31 500 to 10 000.

Attractive steel prices high tariff groups and connecting flights: for example from Rostov-on-don to Ekaterinburg with a connection in Moscow start from now 6 500 rubles (“Budget”), 7 000 (“Optimum”) and 8 500 (Premium).

Rates of the route Kaliningrad — Krasnodar — 6 250 rubles, 6 and 7, 750 and 750 respectively.

As soon as the tickets are bought up, the price will simultaneously increase to all tariff groups, but the gaps between them will remain small. For example, on routes of high demand in the nearest holiday Thursday on the Moscow – St. Petersburg tickets group “Budget” sold for 16 500 rubles, “Optimum” — for 17 500, Premium 19 000 (and on one flight — and at 21500, 22500 and 24000, respectively).

Flights Moscow – Novosibirsk on the same Thursday evening flight is sold for 19 000, 19 500 and 21 500 rubles. Thus, the price of all fares on peak flights can increase several times, but all groups will be available until the sale of the last seats on the flight.

On international routes, the overall picture is similar. For example, on flights from Moscow to Berlin the tariff group “Budget” one way still start with 7 956 rubles, minimum price “Optimum” was reduced from 14 to 9 076 181, “Premium” — from 32 to 631 436 11 of the ruble. For a flight round-trip fare Budget remained at the level of 13 384 rubles, with “Optimum” now begins with 16 instead of 26 649 029, Premium 19 504 is 56 629 rubles.

The initial price of the flight from Moscow to new York one way on the “Budget” was reduced from 15 to 13 607 227 rubles, the “Optimum” from 25 to 15 467 607, the Premium — 98 to 19 907 687 rubles. For flight there-back price “Budget” has not changed — 23 336 rubles, with “Optimum” now begins with 28 instead of 41 096 016, “Premium” — 36 256 instead of 145 736 rubles.

A similar process applied to the business class and premium economy class. In their version of “Optimum,” or has retained its price, or slightly cheaper, and the option Premium is now different from the “Optimum” one and a half-two times, and in most cases approximately 10-20%. As the sale of tickets for the flight options will increase in price. Unfortunately, viewing the prices of business class and premium economy class now hampered due to the roughness of the interface of the new tariff system — on most screens you have to scroll to the right tariff of the page in the frame below to see the rates of premium class.

Partially new system similar to that used by Lufthansa and other European carriers — at the same time, there is only one tariff, however, the passenger can choose different levels depending on the desired set of services. However, unlike European and some Russian companies “Aeroflot” introduces babahanova variant tariffs. At all rates there still is the possibility of transportation of one piece of baggage (a maximum rate of two seats) to 23 pounds, but the pre-selection of seats on the plane since November 1, were only for the elite participants of the program “Aeroflot Bonus”. All other passengers will be able to choose seats only at check-in, including the online 24 hours before departure. It is expected that once finalized, the new system of the right choice will return to those who have chosen expensive rates.

Also ceased to be a possible combination of different fare groups. Previously forbidden was only the combination of rate Promo with any other, and from November 1, the combination of one ticket for different tariff groups are excluded completely. For domestic and small portion of international traffic, this problem is solved by the purchase of separate tickets there and back. In addition, it is not now possible when you exchange a ticket for a change of tariff group: bought at “Promotional”, “Budget” or “Optimum” ticket will remain as such.

Harder it will be to accumulate some miles seconded, from which their company requires to buy tickets at the lowest available price. Now it will always be a rate of “Budget” (and sometimes “Promotional” premium classes “Optimum”), and double accrual of miles they can be forgotten, moreover, that even when ticket exchange tariff group will not change. It will also block some of the ways to upgrade. However, those who are not constrained by corporate restrictions, earn miles, by contrast, would be easier.

Although Aeroflot has retained all four bands of tariffs Promo, “Budget”, “Optimum” and “Premium” — basic will only last three. Promo, as before, will from time to time to appear on selected routes as a special offer — if the situation in this direction, in the opinion of “Aeroflot” will to demand this.

Fare Promo (in case of its availability in a particular direction) will continue to bring 25% of the miles from the route distance in the program “Aeroflot Bonus” and will not include the possibility of a refund (exchange is possible with payment of fee of 2,000 rubles in the European part of Russia, 4000 rubles for other domestic traffic and 100 euros for international).

The characteristics of the three major groups remain for the most part the same as before. Premium allows you to take and change tickets without restrictions and duties, including after the departure of the flight, “Optimum” allows for that, and the other just before departure (with a fee of 1500 roubles for the European part of Russia, 2500 on other internal routes 50 euros on short and medium international and 100 euros in the far), “Budget” only allows the exchange of the collection, but not a return ticket.

However, several changes accrual — apparently, it will take into account not only the tariff, but how high the price, the tariff was applied. For a “Budget” these charges will vary from 75% to 125% of the route distance (now 75%), for the “Optimum” — from 100% to 150% (now 150%), for the “Premium” of 150% -200% (now 200%). It should be borne in mind that the first time information of the reservation system and the mileage calculator on the number of miles awarded may be inaccurate.

It should be borne in mind that some of our product lines, the new system will not apply. First of all, the routes with fixed fares (from Moscow airport Sheremetyevo to the far East, Kaliningrad and Simferopol). In addition, this line from Moscow to Rostov-on-don and Kazan, and between Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where “Aeroflot” uses a special range of tariffs due to regulations of local antitrust authorities. However, this applies only to direct flights on these ten lines, whereas the connecting routes, including the flights (for example, Vladivostok, Sochi and Rostov-on-don — Kaliningrad) transferred to the new system.

For tickets issued prior to October 31, inclusive, are the previous conditions of use. It concerns including miles accrual. However, the participants of “Aeroflot Bonus” should carefully check the amount of charges in the coming months — change system may in some cases lead to errors.