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Открыта регистрация на "Вертолетный форум – 2016" Today opened registration for the Helicopter forum – 2016, conducted by the Association of Helicopter Industry (AVI). Helicopter forum is an annual event focused on the development of professional approaches to pressing issues in the field of helicopter business. Registration will be open until 24 November inclusive.

This year the theme of Helicopter forum “quality is the basis of safety and economy.” The quality management system in the helicopter industry is a key element not only in increasing the level of safety, but in security and stability of development of helicopter business is an important part of modern Russian economic model.

The forum will consider various aspects of quality management in the helicopter industry, including one of the most complex issues of quality criteria, based on which you can assess the work of a particular airline and make timely adjustments within the enterprise or across the industry.

It should be noted that at Helicopter forum – 2016 among the participating companies there will be a drawing free stands on the 10-th anniversary International exhibition of helicopter industry HeliRussia 2017, which is the largest and most visited exhibition not only in Russia but also in European scale. Details about the raffle are available on the official website of the exhibition.

Helicopter annually the forum attracts representatives of professional, scientific and educational communities, specialized aviation businesses, aviation and transport authorities. To participate in the Helicopter forum – 2016 invited a wide range of professionals whose work in one way or another connected with the quality management in the helicopter industry.

Participated in the Helicopter forum 2016 free, with prior registration at the following link:

Follow the program on the AVI website in the section EVENTS/Vitalityfor