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Review of resorts and must-see attractions

If you know what separates the from Bentota, Beruwala things to do in Marawila and why Unawatuna similar to the beach, then you may not read further. This text is for those who want to know where are the best resorts of Sri Lanka, and choose the one suitable for guests. Read the review wrote for the HotLine.travel our correspondent in Sri Lanka Polina Sun, regular “wintering” on the island. Say at once – this is a review of the tourist, in which we will focus only on the most popular West coast of the island. Eastern shore Pauline yet to be explored.

Курорты западного побережья Шри-Ланки: где отдыхать

Overview of resorts in Sri Lanka want to start with some lofty phrases about beauty. You can name this island, a small dot in the middle of the ocean, looking at that we see how varied his nature, what he has rich past and bright present. Sri Lanka is a blessed land that will satisfy any needs and wishes, even the most demanding. It’s all true. In Sri Lanka many lovely places to stay. And every year they offer to tourists more and more. Only thing left is to figure out where to go to relax. Go over the map with North to South and find out where you can relax, alone, or, conversely, to burst into a Typhoon of emotion, crazy energy and drive.

Курорты западного побережья Шри-Ланки: где отдыхать

Bentota and Beruwela

Don’t see the point to separate them. This is a nature made beautiful by the river Bentota Ganga where you can swim on the boat among the mangroves and even get acquainted with its cute inhabitants – crocodiles. Romantic, leisurely stroll on the spacious beaches, stunning sunsets, a decent hotel offering high quality service, convenience stores… What else is necessary for happiness? Thus at 9pm the city goes to sleep and wakes up the mafia. Joke. Mafia. And the fact that the street at this time no one and dark truth. With rare exception, working with tourist-friendly cafes and restaurants on the ocean. As a consequence, stay in Bentota and Beruwala will suit those looking for a relaxing stay. Western resorts of Sri Lanka is popular among honeymooners and those who appreciate privacy. Stay is generally more expensive than other places, but the service is the highest.

Курорты западного побережья Шри-Ланки: где отдыхать


For those who are tired, want privacy, we can advise and village of Marawila, which is 60 km North from Colombo.

In Marawila, just one big hotel with views of the lagoon, a few small hotels and guesthouses. There is a cozy cafe with a homely atmosphere, where more and more understand the “great and mighty”, and no entertainment in the evening.

A huge plus Marawila is the relative proximity of tour sites. The history of the island is very rich, so I’ll just list the key sights of Sri Lanka, which can be reached from Marawila: the first capital of Anuradhapura, the magnificent Sigiriya rock fortress, temple complex in Dambulla, Pinnawela elephant orphanage in Pinnawella and sacred temple in Kandy. So the tourists have the opportunity to combine a beach holiday and a study of the major natural and historical must see in Sri Lanka.

Курорты западного побережья Шри-Ланки: где отдыхать

In addition, stay in Marawila will appeal to those who want to go far from the airport. Place enough budget and, in my opinion, is more suitable for adults. Children will be bored, and the youth get bored on the third or fourth day.


Since our goal is to evaluate the most popular and well-known Western resorts of Sri Lanka, which tourists often write reviews, not to mention the South of the island. There I recommend to go for those who love an active, dynamic holiday. Discovered several years ago by the southern highway, Colombo – Galle – Matara greatly simplified and, most importantly, sped up the road to down south. Perhaps the best resort for those who can not sit still neither day nor night, can be considered the beach. This village, which attracts tourists from all countries, where an atmosphere of creativity and fun. Everyone will find something for everyone here. In the afternoon you can swim in the ocean, sunbathe on the beautiful long beach enjoying your vacation in the lagoon, where you can escape from the waves.

Курорты западного побережья Шри-Ланки: где отдыхать

As the variant – to go diving or surfing and a night “off” in one of the many clubs. Of course, this village has a huge number of cafes, restaurants for every taste. Find accommodation no problem. You can stay in hotels closer to “the life and clubs,” and somewhere in a secluded place away to combine the silence of the jungle is a noisy and active attacks.

Курорты западного побережья Шри-Ланки: где отдыхать


Also, do not ignore Unawatuna. In the opinion of tourists – the most beautiful and popular beach here. Is he truly from advertising. Famous among backpackers, a place where the lagoon the ocean is calm.

Курорты западного побережья Шри-Ланки: где отдыхать

Unawatuna is known for the fact that at the end of each week there are large and noisy party. But on other days you can find a bar, a café, sit in the evening, socialize with travelers from all over the world and relax with soft music playing, or, conversely, to cheer for something energetic and catchy. Located near the city of Galle, to go to which is worth visiting is huge and very beautiful Dutch Fort. In addition, the city can buy anything your heart desires.

Курорты западного побережья Шри-Ланки: где отдыхать

Noisy Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa is more suitable youth, but also families with children will also be comfortable. If you have already been to Sri Lanka and want to see something new, go to the South-East of the island. Suggest, Weligama, Matara, Tangalle, Dickwella. Tourism in these places is actively developing, and the beauty they are not inferior to the more famous resorts of the West.

When to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is warm and you can swim all year round. The temperature in coastal areas held at the same level +28+30 degrees. The best period to travel is considered the dry season, from October to March, when rainfall is minimal. However, even the rains are not a complete contraindication for visiting the island, as the rains come mostly at night. Even in the rainy season the weather in Sri Lanka allows you to swim and sunbathe on either coast. Protracted incessant rains for several days does not happen. The sun is sure to go during the day.

Курорты западного побережья Шри-Ланки: где отдыхать