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Запуск ракеты Antares с грузовиком Cygnus к МКС перенесен на сутки The launch of Antares with the transport cargo ship Cygnus to the International space station (ISS), the first after the accident 2014, pending on the day. This was announced Sunday by the American company Orbital ATK is a manufacturer of Antares and the “truck” Cygnus, reports TASS.

The launch was to take place from the spaceport at wallops island (Virginia) in the Atlantic ocean Sunday evening local time (20:03, that is 03:03 GMT Monday). However, as specified in the statement of Orbital ATK, start “postponed for 24 hours.”

The reason called abnormal operation of the jumper cable ground equipment support at wallops flight facility during pre-launch checks. Currently there are works on elimination of the revealed problems, was confirmed by the company.

However, she stressed that no “technical issues” with either the Antares or truck Cygnus” is not revealed. At a meeting on Saturday at the spaceport on the island wallops flight facility press conference, the Orbital ATK management and representatives of the National Directorate of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) announced that Antares and Cygnus ready for launch. Responsible officer Sarah Daugherty, NASA added, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, the probability that during the “window” of the launch will be favorable for this weather, is about 95%.

Earlier, the launch of the Antares-230 with truck Cygnus was repeatedly postponed, and not only on weather conditions. Initially the launch was scheduled for mid-July, then it was moved to the end of August, then for the second half of September and, finally, on 14 and 16 October. The last time the launch was postponed because of the hurricane “and Nicole”.

Cygnus will deliver to the ISS more than 2.3 tons of cargo, including water, food, materials for scientific experiments, as well as equipment for output in the miniature space weather satellite. The truck will orbit the carrier rocket Antares, which is equipped with engines RD-181 Russian production.

In October 2014, the Antares rocket exploded with a cargo ship directly at the launch site, after which Orbital ATK used to send your truck vehicle Atlas V consortium United Launch Alliance, created by Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Three years ago, Orbital ATK has signed a contract with NASA worth $1.9 billion, which includes three flight Cygnus to the ISS.