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Росавиация назвала самые непунктуальные авиакомпании

The Rosaviation has published figures on delays regular and Charter flights of Russian airlines in September 2016.

The highest percentage (for 14.47%) delays of regular flights in September the airline made “azure air”. It is, however, noted that the carrier focuses mainly on Charter flights by order of major tour operators. Regular flights on route list “azure air” a bit. Just in the first month of autumn “azure air” performed 76 scheduled flights, detained 11 of them.

Airline “KrasAvia” detained in September of 11.43% of the total number of performed scheduled flights (flight 595). Third in the list of airlines that have committed the highest percentage of delays of regular flights, should AK “the Ural airlines”. In September, the carrier has completed 4 851 thousand scheduled flights, detaining more than 2 hours of 10.12% of them.

Others listed in the list of Rosaviation airlines made less than a 10% delay of the total number of performed scheduled flights. The most punctual airlines in September was the “yuvt Aero” (0,3%) – carrier detained for over two hours only two of 656 flights. Indicator delay Severstal was 0.59% and the airline “Victory” — 0,89% (2 thousand 132 scheduled flights). Rounding the top 5 “Izhavia” — the carrier was detained on 4 of the 407 regular flights (0,98%) in September.

From major airlines to small indicator detainees scored regular flights “Aeroflot” — 1,05% from 18 thousand 999 flights. “Daughter” the leader of the Russian aviation market – airline “Russia” — the value of the detainees scheduled flights amounted to 1.43% (a total of 6 thousand 148 scheduled flights). Near the leaders were “UTair” — 1,54% delay (only done 7 thousand 150 scheduled flights).

Most scheduled flights in September performed “Aeroflot”. In the second place with backlog more than doubled – located “UTair”. Followed by “Siberia” (6 775 thousand), Russia (6 million 148), “Ural airlines” (4 851 thousand).

The greatest number of Charter flights in September performed “azure air” — 561 flight, which was delayed more than 2 hours and 10 flights. On the second place on frequency of flights, “the Royal Flight”. The carrier in September, has completed 295 of Charter flights, detaining 13 of them (4.4 per cent). Third place with a slight delay from the airline “North Wind” — 276 flights in September and 9 delay (3.3 percent). Airline “Russia” has completed 263 of the Charter flight and the total delay amounted to only 1.1% (3 flights).

More than a hundred Charter flights in September performed “Icarus” (174, delayed 3.4 percent), “Vim Avia” (162 flight delayed 3.1 percent), “Nordstar” (120 flights delayed 4.2 percent), Ural airlines (106 flights delayed 4.7 percent).

More than ten airlines dropped in September with the zero indicator of the delay of Charter flights. However, most of them performed only 1-10 of Charter flights per month. On the General background to highlight the airline “Yamal” (0% delay more than two hours of 76 flights), “Red wings” (0% of the 44 flights), “Victory” (0% of the 31 flights), Aurora (0% of 19 flights) and Yakutiya (0% of 14 flights).