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Роскосмос до 2018 года запустит семь спутников "Глонасс-М" с кодовым разделением сигнала Seven advanced satellites “GLONASS” code division signal are launched until 2018 in addition to the two already operating in orbit. This was announced during the 11th meeting of the international Committee on global navigation satellite systems, Deputy Director of the Department of navigation space systems “GLONASS” Roscosmos Ivan Jealous, writes TASS.

“In orbit today there are two workers of a satellite code division signal is “GLONASS-M” and “GLONASS-K”. On the land there are seven satellites that carry on-Board equipment in the range of L3 code-division signal, their launch is planned in the period 2017-2018,” said Jealous.

Code-division allows the use of single frequency several navigation signals.

According to the representative of the Russian space Agency, part of the satellite system worked for more than the period, but continue to operate within its specifications. Upgrade of the space part of the program “GLONASS” also implies the improvement of production technology of satellites and to increase functional capabilities of the equipment. Jealous said that the development of systems of coordinate, time and equipment that will allow you to use a spacecraft with a mass of 12 kg, which is half the size of his predecessors.

In the meeting of the Committee held in Sochi 6 -11 November, attended by more than 200 experts from 30 countries. On the agenda – reports of the providers of navigation satellite systems, presentations on topical issues, expert seminar on “the Use of precision navigation in various sectors of the world economy”, plenary meetings and meetings of the thematic working groups.