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В "Роскосмосе" отмечают падение спроса в России на данные иностранных спутников наблюдения The development of domestic groups of remote sensing satellites of the Earth allowed to provide import substitution in respect of satellite images, reported on Wednesday to journalists in Saint-Petersburg Deputy General Director of state Corporation “Rosatom” Mikhail Khailov. This writes the RNS.

“After we introduced the composition of the group spacecraft “Canopus”, “Resurs-P”, we see, for example, that the sale of commercial high resolution remote sensing of the Earth from foreign satellites in Russia fall at times,” said Khailov on the sidelines of the 13th Plenary meeting of the Group on Earth observations (GEO-XIII) in the preparation of which was attended by Roshydromet and Roscosmos.

According to him, “this shows that we are out of our foreign colleagues from our Russian market.”

In turn, the head of Department of automatic space complexes and systems of the state Corporation “Rosatom” Valery zaichko noted that there are currently “Roscosmos” group observation satellites “more than 70% meets the public needs in high-resolution opto-electronic data.”

According to him, the problem is finally dependent on Western satellite imagery will be resolved with the commissioning of the first Russian civilian radar satellite “Condor-R” in 2019.

Earlier the General Director of the Rocket space centre “Progress” (Samara) Alexander Kirilin said that the number of Russian consumers abandoned the use of imagery from foreign satellites in favor of domestic satellites “Resource-P”. “The number of domestic consumers, including the emergencies Ministry, regional Ministry that used previously for the solution of operational and thematic objectives costly information from foreign satellites already refused to buy such information, focusing on the use of images exclusively from the satellites “Resource-P”,” — said Kirilin.

According to him, during the normal operation of spacecraft “Resurs-P” the information received showed a high demand among a wide range of domestic consumers.