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The legacy of the “southern cross,” Chinese billions and other expertise of the tour operator

Specializing in China tour operator “Russia Tour” for more than six months actively develops the market of Hainan direct flights from Moscow and regions. From the outset, the organizers did not hide that the project has financial support from the Chinese side. How strong is this support and that the company plans to do this winter, when the direction of a powerful competitor with its Charter program? All this was frankly told by the development Director of the company Evgeny Kosenkov.

Что «Русь-Тур» умеет на Хайнане?

Eugene, for starters answer the question, which is right in the air. It is known that a significant part of your team and you in particular are specialists of the “southern cross”. Hand on heart, say: this relationship with the company, which once led the direction of Hainan, but then went bankrupt, now, is good or, conversely, prevents the agencies to cooperate with the “Rus-Tur”?

“Rus-Tour” much older “southern cross”, we celebrate 20 years. Another thing, and there is no secret that a significant portion of our staff are natives of the “southern cross”. The owners of “Rus-Tour” when I decided to go to Hainan, made a very wise decision. Instead of trying to master the direction from scratch, brought in an experienced team who previously worked in the “southern Cross.” It is now the best on the market professionals who made up the backbone of our relevant Department. Thanks to them we quickly decided all key issues – from establishing contacts with the hotels to the service and air. And for some six months, came to send about 1 thousand tourists a week – a very good figure for a relatively small resort.

Another question that is impossible not to ask for money. Last year at a press conference about the resumption of Charter flights to Hainan was announced a huge investment in this project is 3 billion rubles. The money has provided by your Chinese partners. It turns out that with the help of these finances you are driving extremely aggressive pricing policy, trying to eliminate their only Russian competitor in Hainan…

The Chinese authorities do provide support to major partners. That’s fine – they are interested in tourist arrivals from Russia and take on the risks of the tour operator and the air carrier.

But I would argue with the accusation of dumping. We first went to Hainan with direct flights once the tour operators more than a year did not put the flight chains on the island, but we did not start the game for a fall. We were challenged – we are ready to accept it. By the way, below cost sometimes you have to sell only the most budget tours. And lucrative contracts with popular hotels allow, if necessary, to reduce prices to the level of a competitor and still remain without a loss. Besides to join in the tariff have opposition only in Moscow and in the regions, tour packages are almost always implemented with good profitability.

Hainan is famous. What exactly are the advantages of “Rus-Tour”, what are your know-how on this island?

Did I mention that our flight is the only direct flights from Moscow to Sanya airport, and it is a significant convenience for tourists. Flying from Moscow twice a week of the regular season UTair. There are also weekly flights on Board NordStar from Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk and Novosibirsk, October 31, it was added to Irkutsk, and at the end of February will start the flights from Vladivostok. By the way, thanks to relatively short flight tourism in Hainan is very popular among tourists from Siberia and the Far East. Impact and poor range of alternative destinations in those regions.

Now about our product on the island. Until recently, the Russians were known only to the Dadonghai Bay. We have significantly extended our knowledge of travelers, offering a maximum range of about 100 hotels several tourist area. Besides those already mentioned, Dadonghai Bay is Yalongwan and Heitinga. Also new for Russian tourists Semawang Bay and the Peninsula, Senjo.

Perhaps the main advantage is that we provide full range of customer service. In Hainan, we own the hosting company with 54 employees, our compatriots, most of whom live on the island for many years and know him very well. They meet, organize transfers, solve any problems tourists 24/7.

I want to emphasize that 12 of these professionals – professional guides. Therefore, all the tours we own the copyright and, of course, on the beautiful Russian language, which is rare for China.

Can Orient travel agents – what is your product in Hainan especially to recommend to customers?

First of all, advise our zest resort Four Points by Sheraton 5* the Peninsula Senjou. The first line, a huge green territory, varied diet. Suitable for a family and for outdoor activities. Running our own animation team from morning to evening entertaining all the guests – young and old. Perhaps, the Sheraton is one of the best price-quality option in Hainan.

Near Le Meridien hotel with an excellent beach and rooms from economical to luxury villas with private pools. We have the best contact with this complex, keep in mind that in Southeast Asia hard to find a place to stay this level for a very reasonable price.

In the line there are long been popular among Russians objects, in particular, the famous Resort Intime is the only one in the Bay of Sanya, the hotel features a private beach and grounds. Keep it respectable quota.

The range of a lot of hotels and an economy class, but even the simplest of them us carefully selected – all located in resort areas, a maximum of 150 m from the beach, with a decent capacity.

Note on combined tours – first tourists undergo health treatments at hot springs, for example, in one of the best SPA resorts in the world, Mission Hills, and then continue your stay in any of the beach hotels. Approximately 10% of our customers prefer this combination.

And still – relevant sales point for travel agents – why you should offer to Hainan. Here, perhaps, the most convenient to Southeast Asia logistics – airport pickup service even to the most distant hotels is not more than 40 min. This is particularly important for passengers with children.

And from a financial point of view – what is the benefit to the agent to cooperate with you?

The first thing is often even more important than the big fees: more than 60 % of the hotels we have under warranty, with instant or very quick confirmation. This saves agents from weight problems increases the comfort of work.

The second is the opportunity to really make good money. We are leading partners for the nose together with different with which to pay a penny reward. Always act any event, allowing them to receive up to 18 % Commission for selling a tour to a specific hotel of the week, on certain dates, etc.

Hainan is a complicated direction, and therefore regularly for partners free training. And at the end of February starts the next series of promotional tours to the island from all our city of departure. Welcome!