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Россия и Китай подпишут контракт на проектирование тяжелого вертолета в течение двух месяцев The contract between Russia and China on the design of the Russian-Chinese heavy helicopter will be signed in the next two months. On Tuesday the General Director of holding “Helicopters of Russia” Alexander Mikheev, reports TASS.

“Today we are forming the programme and finish her discussion, and I think in the next month or two we will sign a contract to design a heavy-lift helicopter”, – said Mikheyev.

He noted that the Russian and Chinese partners have agreed on a scope of work, determined the liability of KB. Mil and I go today on negotiations on terms, costs and responsibilities. “The whole responsibility for the appearance of the helicopter and its certification meets the Chinese side. We have determined the creation of transmission gear and anti-icing system,” – said the General Director of the holding company.

According to Mikheev, the engine for this helicopter will be to engage the Chinese side.

AHL (Advanced Heavy Lifter) is developed in cooperation “Helicopters of Russia” and China’s AVIC. As expected, the takeoff weight of the machine will be of 38.2 tons, and has a capacity of 10 to 15 tons. The helicopter will reach speeds of up to 300 km/h, the range of its flight will reach 630 km, practical ceiling – 5.7 thousand meters.

Earlier, the head of state Corporation “rostec” Chemezov said in an interview with TASS that the engine for the future Russian-Chinese heavy helicopter the AHL will be created not earlier than through two – three years.