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Россия готова передать Сербии шесть самолетов МиГ-29 The Russian authorities expressed willingness to transfer the six Serbian MiG-29 and several armored vehicles under the condition that Belgrade will pay only repair fighters, the newspaper “evening news” on Friday, citing its own source in the leadership of the Republic, reports RIA Novosti.

According to the publication, the issue of transfer of military equipment were discussed behind closed doors at the 15th meeting of the intergovernmental Committee for trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation in Suzdal, in spite of the fact that the first Deputy Prime Minister and foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic following the meeting, the third of November, said that “today we are not talking about the weapon”. The Ministry of defence of Serbia has declared that cannot comment on this information.

“Now it is expected the official reaction of President Tomislav Nikolic and the Serbian government, and an obstacle to the realization of this project could be the expected price of repair of aircraft. Moscow, presumably, indicated that the repair of fighter aircraft and related equipment is required about 50 million dollars”, — quotes the edition its source.

It is noted that fighter aircraft of Serbia, which is equipped with several MiG-21 and MiG-29 and aircraft of the Yugoslav production And Is 22 “Orao” in 2018-2019 must undergo a major overhaul and is in dire need of modernization.