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Российские авиакомпании накажут «рублем» за задержки рейсов

The government is preparing to amend the Air code amendments extending the liability of airlines to passengers under the Montreal Convention. In many cases, harmonization of Russian rules with the international to improve the situation of citizens: for example, compensation for the delay may reach 380 000, whereas now you can only count on 25 roubles for each hour. The Convention also allows you to sue the airline at the place of residence, writes “Kommersant”.

The government Commission on legislative activities approved a bill on accession of Russia to the Montreal Convention for the unification of rules for international carriage by air, said yesterday the White house. We are talking about bringing the provisions of the Air code of the Russian Federation in accordance with the international document. Bills prepared by the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of transport for the state program “Development of transport system”, Commission approval means that the document is approved by agencies and nearly one hundred percent probability will be submitted to the state Duma. The Ministry of transport “” have confirmed that the government is preparing to submit the draft to the state Duma. The bills will enter into force after approval by the Duma and the Federation Council and signing by the President.

The Montreal Convention adopted in 1999 and entered into force in 2003, its members are already 119. She, in particular, will unify the rules for international carriage by air, protect the interests of consumers, involves the introduction of electronic customs clearance of airfreight, standard e-freight and e-customs clearance.

Recall that without the ratification of the Convention in Russia was complicated by the activities of the cargo airlines — the lack of a standard e-freight in the Russian airports have reduced their transit potential. In a statement on the website of the government also noted that the bills “will provide competitive benefits to carriers and consumers of their services”.

The Ministry of transport “b” explained that the Air code introduced a number of changes, “expanding the scope and size of the carrier’s liability to passengers for damage caused during air transportation”. So, for damages due to flight delays the liability of the company increased to 380 thousand rbl. on the passenger, now it is 25% of the minimum wage (25 USD) for each hour of delay, but not more than the cost of the ticket. The Convention also gives the right to sue the carrier’s principal place of residence of the passenger. Under the Convention, the airline is responsible for damage sustained in case of death or bodily injury of a passenger on Board the aircraft or during boarding or unloading. To this end, the code will determine the period of passenger transportation — finding a passenger on Board, and the period of embarkation and disembarkation. Now the carrier’s responsibility begins with the pre-flight inspection to boarding the plane and before leaving the airfield under the supervision of authorized persons of the carrier.

The Convention sets forth the terms of a claim against the carrier performing international flights: seven days for baggage and 14 in respect of cargo or mail. To the Air code will also include the possibility of registration of electronic documents for cargo carriers (e-freight), now this feature is only for passenger transport.

Interviewed by “b” of the airline did not comment on possible changes in legislation. Independent Aviaexport Andrey Kramarenko said that the accession of Russia to the Montreal Convention is a “basic minimum” for the Russian aviation industry. Despite some imperfections, the Convention better reflects the realities of the world of civil aviation and is a “logical continuation” of the obsolete Warsaw Convention.