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Российские и сербские летчики отработали на учениях пилотаж на истребителях Russian and Serbian crews of MiG-29 fighters during the exercises worked out a flight to intercept targets in the air and aerobatics, according to RIA Novosti, citing the defense Ministry.

“In the framework of the Russian-Serbian flight-tactical exercises “BARS-2016″ joint crews of MiG-29 fighters have worked the flights to intercept air targets and performance figures of aerobatics”, — stated in the message.

During the flights the pilots fulfilled the elements of air combat maneuvering, both offensive and defensive maneuvers to attack conditional enemy and escaping retaliation.

In the exercise “BARS-2016” attended the joint crews of Russia and Serbia on the MiG-29 and helicopters Mi-8. Tactical flight doctrine “BARS-2016” held in international military cooperation plan. It involved up to 10 aircraft, the air force and air defence of Serbia.