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В Руанде запускают первую в мире национальную службу доставки грузов с помощью БПЛА Today during a ceremony in the Muhanga, Central district of Rwanda, President Paul Kagame (Paul Kagame) has launched the world’s first national service delivery of goods using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It is reported by the UPS.

Today the government of Rwanda will start using UAVs to deliver donated blood to save many lives, in 21 the blood transfusion center, located in the Western part of the country. According to the plan, the drones will serve up to 150 emergency calls per day.

Production UAV and organization of the work of the service deals California company Zipline that specializiruetsya on robotics. Initially the service will deliver the donated blood, but in the future international partnership, which includes Zipline, UPS and organization, Gavi, will help the country to rapidly expand the range of drugs and essential vaccines that can be delivered this way.

“Drones are very useful both from a commercial point of view, and to improve services in the health sector. We are happy that we are launching this innovative technology and continue to work with partners on its further development”, said the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.