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Самарский аэропорт начинает обслуживать международные трансферные рейсы International airport “Kurumoch” (part of the holding “Airports of Regions”) started to manage the international transfer flights. The first such route will become a daily flight of the airline “Victory” Moscow-Samara-Almaty, which starts on 18 November, passengers will be carried on Boeing 737-800 aircraft, the press service of the airport.

“Maintenance technology transfer of flight suggests that the point of departure (in Moscow), the passenger should fill in the Luggage and gets boarding passes to the final destination (Almaty), and in the last city of departure on the territory of the country, in this case in Samara, will pass passport control. During stopover in Samara, a transfer passenger does not go to the baggage claim area, immediately upon arrival from Moscow is in the departure area for your flight,” – said at the airport.

Sending of passengers of international airport “Kurumoch” in Almaty will be carried out from a specially equipped hall of departure in the countries of the Eurasian Union (14 gates), which is equipped with three passport control booths. It is located on the 1st floor of the terminal. Departure from Samara – 23.00 local time.

The passengers of flight Almaty-Samara-Moscow in the international airport “Kurumoch” will pass the passport control in the international arrivals hall. Arrival to Samara is at 7.20 local time. Future service on the segment of flights Samara-Moscow will be the standard technology, but without obtaining the Luggage at an intermediate point of travel.