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Ученые ФПИ предлагают использовать электромагнитную пушку для запуска спутников Electromagnetic accelerator or the “railgun”, can be used for launching micro and nano-satellites into orbit, said in an interview with RNS Director of the Foundation for advanced studies Andrei Grigoryev.

“As a real direction in which it makes sense to invest, may be considered a “railgun” to launch into earth orbit micro – and nanosatellites,” said Grigoriev.

“Given the cost of placing a payload into near-earth space, with this approach you can obtain real economic impact,” he added.

The principle of “railgun” is based on connecting two electrodes to the power source DC, while the charge accelerates under the action of a magnetic field.

In may 2016 the American media reported on the testing of a prototype of a “railgun” for military use. The U.S. Navy began developing a “railgun” about ten years ago and spent more than $500 million Now, the Pentagon invests in a project another $800 million it is Expected that promising weapons will go into service of the latest us destroyers by 2020.

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