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Источники сообщили об испытаниях в КНР электромагнитной катапульты для авианосца In China allegedly tested a prototype electromagnetic catapults for aircraft carriers. It is reported by the military blog PLA Real Talk on the development of the Chinese armed forces, reports Lenta.ru.

In recent years, China actively engaged in the modernization of test complex in Guanidine (Liaoning province). There, in particular, was built a few ejection paths. Design features that can be seen on the photographs taken during 2016, according to the authors of the blog indicate that one of the catapults is electromagnetic.

The resource notes that the rumors about the tests of deck-based fighters with the catapult already circulating for a long time. In particular, the photographs, dated October 17, next to one of the tracks visible plane J-15 (Chinese clone of the Soviet su-33).

The authors emphasize that a second Chinese aircraft carrier self-built (and third on the General account, including purchased from Ukraine the unfinished “Varyag”, now the “Liaoning”), appearing under notations 002, CV-18, will be equipped with a springboard and catapults. While this is not entirely clear whether this is already an electromagnetic device, or more traditional steam.

About the supposed beginning of the construction of an electromagnetic catapult in China was reported in January 2014.

Electromagnetic catapult is a linear induction motor with alternately disconnect and connect the segments. Special truck, dispersing aircraft, moving between the guides in which the electromagnets.

The first successful test of an electromagnetic catapult held the us Navy in 2010. They are designed for installation on new nuclear aircraft carriers like “Gerald Ford”.