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Су-35 и Су-27 получат дистанционное управление The Russian defense Ministry will connect the newest su-35S and su-27SM3 to an automated control system “PS” with which the machine can “see” cruise missiles, drones and enemy aircraft at a distance of several hundred kilometers. Write about this news.

If necessary, “PostScript” will be able to control the aircraft from the ground without the participation of the pilot. Work on the integration of combat vehicles, which must be completed before the end of next year, will cost the Russian defense Ministry in 35 million roubles.

According to the accompanying documents for contract No. 0173100004516002068 posted on the website of public procurement, Ministry of defense ordered a “revision of the system 95К6 to implement interfacing with the products through an enhanced user interface, improvements of the working algorithms of the introduction of characteristics of materials used, handling of the database in the implementation of tactical flight characteristics of these aircraft types”.

As explained in the annual reports of the Yekaterinburg experimental design Bureau Peleng and the concern aerospace defense “Almaz-Antey”, 95К6 is the automated control system of fighter aviation regiment “PostScript”, state testing which was completed in 2011. The latest ACS is a complex system with a tiered architecture composed of several subsystems.

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