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Судан закупает китайские учебные самолеты The Sudanese air force has signed a contract to purchase six supersonic combat training aircraft FTC-2000. This writes the Military-industrial courier.

According to the article “Airshow China 2016 : le Soudan achète six FTC-2000” electronic resource “East Pendulum”, in a television interview of the General Director of the Chinese aircraft manufacturer Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corporation (GAIC, Guiyang, Guizhou province), part of the Chinese state aircraft Corporation AVIC, the Sudanese air force has signed a contract to purchase six supersonic combat training aircraft FTC-2000. Thus, Sudan became the first foreign customer of the aircraft FTC-2000 (JL-9), reports blog bmpd.

The contract amount and delivery time was not specified. However, the head of the company noted that the Nigerian delegation which was at the air show in Zhuhai, also showed great interest to this aircraft, which some officers described as a very “inviting”. According to him, customers from the African continent can be the key customers for these aircraft.

FTC-2000 is the export variant of the aircraft GAIC JL-9, developed on the basis also of supersonic combat training aircraft JJ-7A (the analog of the MiG-21У), long time produced by the plant in Guiyang. The purpose of the aircraft JL-9 is more economical to prepare pilots for the fighters of the Chinese third generation aircraft. This UBS can also be converted into a lightweight fighter with limited strike capabilities.

There are two variants of the JL-9 main for the PLA air force and JL-9A aircraft for the PLA Navy. Last modification has been seriously modified, in particular, equipped with new air intakes to reduce the weight of the airframe, two keel to stabilize and increased the tail hook and arresting gear. JL-9A proposed for export under the symbol FTC-2000G.

At the moment we do not know which modification have chosen Sudan, but it is logical to assume that this is the basic version, not so perfect, and with greater range. The air force of Sudan has 12 Chinese fighter, the J-7M and 12 training aircraft K-8. The appearance of the FNC-2000 will allow to expand opportunities for training of pilots and increase the number of combat aircraft.