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Затонувший в реке самолет Як-52 извлекли при помощи надувных понтонов и автокрана Tuesday, November 8, at work on the rise of the ducts are Dry Samarka the wreck of the plane the Yak-52 was sent to the divers search and rescue squad of special purpose, reported in PSS across the Samara region. This writes the Volga news.

As reported in the emergency service, under the blades and the tail part of the aircraft by divers was opened slings inflatable pontoon. Filling the pontoons with air, the plane managed to lift from the bottom and to tow the rescue boat to the pier. Then was opened the cargo slings for lifting aircraft. With the help of a truck crane in stages, the aircraft is raised on a platform.

In PSS across the Samara region, noted that oil spill on the water surface was not observed.

The rescue took about six hours. In them were six lifeguards and used two boats.